STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 4: “Hot Off the Press”

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    Lizzy, Mikey, Roxie and Delia discover some disturbing evidence that could point to a new suspect...!
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    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's biggest crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery!
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    STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 4: “Hot Off the Press”

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    1. Brat TV

      who do you think the "black bishop" might be??

      1. mary barille

        I don't know....I think a black book with a cross on it and a

      2. Ahnya Christieson

        Emily Shepard You are destined to be single for the rest of your life.

      3. Mahima Mishra


      4. Girls Club


      5. Omolara Afolabi

        I think that Brat tv should be on TV. Who is with me

    2. mary barille

      I must say many weird things happen at crown lake.... actually spooky stuff ☠️☠️👿😬

    3. Mohana Chakraborty

      Thats what u call TEEN DRAMA 🙄 Ok, come on just every one faced it 😒

    4. kiki rockelle

      I love the step- sister ❤ I'm totally her but an 11 year old version

    5. Oshane Jamieson

      I love to watch brat

    6. Reema Datar

      this is so not even close to the actual crown lake

    7. Musubbiha Dosani

      I love Mikey

    8. Ebru Oax

      There should be more crown lake and a season two of stage fright

    9. Shamise Schoeman

      Lizzy:Whose with me? Nobody:*cricket sounds* Me:🤣😂😅

    10. Pavneet Dhaliwal

      i love sophie michelle😘

    11. khalid osman

      In total eclipes Karina is popular and here she the brain lady

    12. robloxruby3256

      THEY NEED TIM!!!😭

    13. Cherry Blossom Goddess


    14. nickora allwood

      i wants more on dirt and crown lake

    15. Jh'Mani Brent-Harris

      Her: What are crazy eyes? Delia: Open your selfie camera! I died😂😂😂

    16. Hyper Bunny

      Who thinks black Bishop is heather😂😂

    17. Yasmin Mohmed

      Lizzy you are a good scary story teller .AndI love this show 😍

    18. Heidi Yan

      Pressley is so cute!!

    19. Besties Gaming


    20. Michelle Nguyen

      Mikey is so dum like why that?

    21. Carly Ayer

      loved the episode!!❤

    22. msqueen 191

      pressly how you are in brat t.v

    23. Olivia Bell

      Anyone else think she looks like Vanessa Hudgens?

    24. Noor Balo


    25. salma rodriguez

      pressley is a good actor

    26. rise up

      did pressly actullly lock her in that thing she was in there 18hours

    27. Shirley Odero

      Omg it's so creepy

    28. Aubrey Bisaillon

      Hello once again! If you have seen my other comments you rock! If you haven’t that’s ok! All I said is that you are beautiful and unique in you own way!! See you next episode!

    29. Jayda Miller

      The boy is not dead 🙄

    30. Lynda Joel

      Plz brat crown lake coming back I'm so waiting to know Hu Heather is

    31. Kristin Hartney

      Lizzy looks like Jenna Ortega

    32. PadenPerfect

      if this was riverdale: cheryl: roxie - jason: noah - lizzie: betty - veronica: delia - kevin: mikey

    33. Jada Haye

      Riverdale who?

    34. Nemba’s Way

      This is kind of a series theory but what if it was “ Heather”. The theme song intro showed someone with red gloves, so did someone in Crown Lake, the show ( also the school). Idk lol

    35. Mukadiyil, Johanna

      I literally love this show! I thought it was Wayne. and their all amazing actress and the theme song my fav.

    36. Ale Cervantes

      his sister

    37. Daniel p

      anybody because quarintine and boerd

    38. Alexandra Manata

      6:00 library wasn't open but he was in library

    39. Holly Hill

      This gives me Riverdale vibes 😂❤️

    40. Lauren Vlogs

      This shows is really good

    41. Kaida koi

      xd i cant believe they were hiding in her office

    42. Dark Khløver

      I have a theory that it’s Brian. The guy that always near the principal. For some reason he comes off suspicious-

    43. FrenchFrySupreme

      Mikey:”If I was a library where would I be?”

    44. Danyella Cooper

      I need crown lake back

    45. Qureshi Arts

      Already watched it but watching it again 😂 we need another season for all brat shows like if you agree!

    46. sania

      It’s 1am and I’m watching STAGE FRIGHT I think I have an addiction 😂

    47. iii_SxNdEe Faith

      Roxxies (Presley’s) hair clip said A$$ I died lol

    48. Maggie Gwen

      Pressley is so pretty!! Like if u agree! 👇👍

    49. Kenesha Baker

      OMG I can't watch this anymore too scary! !!!!

    50. Ify Azenabor

      Doctor, why do i love this show so much

    51. Clvsidy

      4:20 “if i were a librarian , where would i be?” The library of course like duh 😒

    52. Cyber Wolf

      I think Brian did it, he is always beside the principal so he won’t get in trouble, and he is probably the snitch in his class, and maybe he found out something about Noah’s dark side and decided if he killed noah or at least got him amnesias then noah would forget about it and his plot would fail, also principals know a lot about students and know some of a bit of their backgrounds so Brian could have gotten access to it and got some private info on Noah.

    53. Richard Walters

      I cant believe Annie wrote the theme song!

    54. Maria Francesca T Jacinto

      Ok people might not take my opinion nicely but why do I feel like "Strage Fight" casts, acting is better than Attaway General though.

    55. Julie Urban

      Mikey is so funny lol!

    56. Hibah Omar

      Crown lake:pink walls Attaway:outdoor lockers Mill wood:full of lockers,grey walls #chickengirls #mani #stagefright #brat

    57. Hibah Omar

      The bird noises when Lizzy goes “WHO’S WITH ME” are.....LOL 😂

    58. Ava Noel Nickell


    59. elina mehra

      who thinks that brian did it???

    60. Lucia Lulgjuraj

      𝕴𝖘 𝖎𝖙 𝖏𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝖒𝖊 𝖔𝖗 𝖎𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊 𝖘𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖔𝖑 𝖘𝖔 𝖈𝖚𝖙𝖊

    61. Javenus The Pineapple

      I’m I the only one that thinks Noah did this to himself

    62. dari

      this is jusy

    63. Sugar Cookie

      I feel like Karina did this to Noah. She needed a good story. Makes sense

    64. Kyna Sharma

      sophie michelle and pressely hosbach are total queens

    65. Alienised

      Maybe Katrina did it to get a “juicy” story

    66. xyaraˊˎ-

      IM GLAD👏 im in love with crime, mystery and like investigation shows and dramas. THANK U BRAT🤧

    67. MM - 06GM 796902 Fairwind Sr PS

      It's Tuesday its her 100./.

    68. Jade Revera

      No one : Not one single soul Mickey: If i were a library where would i be

    69. Demon_Princess

      Mybe noah did it to his self🤔🤔🤔 interesting rightttt

    70. Royan Jain

      No idea

    71. Tawananyasha Shoko

      I THINK ITS THE GUY WITH THE CURLY HAIR BACKSTAGE i've strained my brain way too much thinking about this

    72. Kemi Life’s



      LOL Mikey is all like “If I were a library where would I be?” Two people were walking out 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    74. ferrann Smith

      By the way my real name is jennaelle and my brother made an account for me

    75. ferrann Smith

      If I was a library where would in a library #Duh!!!!

    76. Alexa Nikova


    77. Syncere Nazaire

      I think it the news girl of the guy how wanted to close the theatre group.

    78. Jiselle Vlog

      It’s Tuesday

    79. w i l l s

      Sophie Michelle is my fav 😝

    80. R Pocs

      “If I were a library, where would I be?”

    81. Laney Chaudoin

      Mikey is my fav. Period.

    82. Alexa Nikova

      Omg yes

    83. Fahmida D.

      Is no one gonna talk about the theme song? It sounds amazing.

    84. Terelicious Longe

      I knew that would happen. You will prepare such an inspirational speech then know one does anything....

    85. row row

      Did everyone appreciate the intro is sooo cool the beat like hit me

    86. lily plays ROBLOX

      Noah looked like Markus from free rain lol

    87. Jehanzeb Akbar

      Watching in quarantine and obsessed.. such good acting.. Sophie's is much better than expected.

    88. ifeoluwa smiths


    89. Gxlaxy

      Presley (Roxie) is a really good actor

    90. Veronica Peru


    91. Rvby Fire

      Roxie:what are crazy eyes? Delia:open your camera Omg im going to crack lol

    92. beautiful all day

      Anybody else notice the red gloves from Heather " Crown lake" .

    93. Faith Kawiti

      And ive seen a vid on tik tok with karina getting ready for this show

    94. Faith Kawiti

      Omg i luv pressley i subscribed to her youtube channel

    95. Alex Hickey

      what's the name of the girl who plays the main character?

      1. Noura

        @Alex Hickey Sophie Michelle

      2. Alex Hickey

        the one that played Lizzy?

    96. sally kamaleddine

      omg i juat relized something and i might be totally wrong but when roxie was like it wasnt my idea to lock u inthe qript. What if it was heather who told her to do it

    97. Adan Valadez

      Pressly will you come home🏠

    98. Natasha LaJolie

      Is episode 7 out?

    99. Natasha LaJolie

      I cried

    100. Funmilade Abioye

      Love sophie