STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 2: “Technical Difficulties”

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    Lizzy and Mikey aren't convinced that Noah was put into a coma "by accident." So, they take the law into their own hands and launch their own investigation!
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    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's biggest crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery!
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    STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 2: “Technical Difficulties”

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    1. Brat TV

      Hmm... who are your top suspects so far?? Do you think it's Roxie (Noah's step sister) or Tuesday (the girl who was singing loudly in the cafeteria)... or someone else?

      1. *Kawai Cuteness*

        Don’t know 🤔

      2. Beauty Pakkies

        Roxie 😁'

      3. Tanya Chandler


      4. Ahnya Christieson

        Ron Meck Your future girlfriend’s name will be Cinderella.

      5. Mahima Mishra

        Tuesday girl

    2. Kawai Kitty

      Love your song sophie michelle 0:48

    3. KYRAH k Kaminanga

      I think it’s brayan cause he never got suspected and brat tv didn’t want to make it obvious

    4. Mymy

      Watch brat make it some random extra

    5. mischa pearl

      It’s lindasay she got mad at Noah for doing the part wrong and went backstage she wasn’t there when it fell so she could have triggered it

    6. Swaranjali Shinde

      Wait...if they are all in Crown Lake then did that ‘Heather’ drama happened with them too??

    7. Aphodai Valmyr

      if imma put my soul into this imma put my spin into this periodt

    8. Mai'Ana Lei Arongaw

      the actor for karina, she's amazing at her role.

    9. Xoxo joud gaming Deeb

      I love pressly I follow her on tik tok and Instagram

    10. Evan Plays

      It’s the guy with the bad mult

    11. Nevaeh Rodriguez

      Delia should have been Devinity Perkins

    12. Jada Emokhor

      So y’all ain’t talking about how the slo mo walk was on best with the song??? It gives me chills

    13. Anastasia Delis

      I’m here for pressleyyyy

    14. sushma mishra

      Why am I getting Nancy Drew vibes!!! Like seriously the series is fire 🔥 Dude crown lake total eclipse chicken girls a girl named jo and stage fright trust me guys you cannot find better series then them❤️❤️❤️.

    15. Miku Mizushima

      Pressley’s innocent shrug😅😂😂

    16. ARMY Luvs1136

      I was waiting to see Dixie at attaway general

    17. Bethany Silversky

      My favorite is Lizzie. My favorite song is someone else in the dark. One of my favorite youtubers is SophieMichelleSays. Like if you agree.

    18. O.M

      The acting is... *passionate sigh*

    19. Mahima Mishra

      I know Karina did it She wanted her News to be loved more then Threater

    20. Mahima Mishra

      I don't know This show just star And is getting on my nerves

    21. Sanvi Nangre

      Am I the ONLY one who is here for Harrison?

    22. Delitch Funfade

      Why is Karina pressuring Lizzie, she is my number one suspect 🙄, and also Delia, but can’t wait to find out more

    23. Cherry Blossom Goddess


    24. اماني سعيد

      They really have to make another season of stage fright season 2 would be really nice

    25. iiichxrm

      Sophie Michelle is so pretty

    26. Neha Suresh

      8:31 "THE CRYPT" comes in crown lake series ..

      1. sushma mishra

        Yeah,This is also çrown lake ❤️

    27. Kaylee Yolo

      Thank you I can feel your prayers. I love Presley!

    28. lyfe_with dd

      I died when presselysaid thank u o feel ur prayers

    29. Anvitha Emani

      I also want to act in Brat Chicken girls

    30. mochichu

      I love Presley

      1. mochichu

        Aka Roxie

    31. Breanna Gael

      this is the last “good” show in brat

    32. rose marii

      is it me or is this show amazing??

    33. Jia Patel

      8:30 this is also in crown lake NELLIE was locked in it

    34. Hyper Bunny

      The guy with the keys (i dont know his name lol😂)is really cute🙈

    35. Hyper Bunny

      Why does crown lake have so much mystery 😂😂

    36. Hit the Beat

      Who is here just for Sophie??

    37. Théryna Lisa Sanon

      Delia's voice sounds just like Morgan's from Total Eclipse.

    38. Vera Obonyo

      I think it's Roxie(Noah's step-sister)

    39. Jasmine Millar

      I suspect that its the principle. Idk why, its just a gut feeling 😂😂😂

    40. Michelle Nguyen

      I love the uniforms like i want them so dad and Roxie is so .. idk when she said i can feel ur prars

      1. Michelle Nguyen

        i ment dad btw

    41. Carly Ayer

      loved this episode! Pressley and Sophie r so pretty

    42. nyyamichelle

      ok but.... why is kai cuter than noah?

    43. Tz Allie

      i started to watch this movie because of pressley and carrie berk i wanted pressley to be nice but she isnt she keeps thinking of herself and i have a lot of people on my suspect list

      1. Tz Allie

        but carrie is not my fav caracter but i like this movie

    44. Angela Best

      The theme song intro is lit

    45. Lina Romero

      9:09 hahahahaha that was the only good line y whole episode.

    46. Lina Romero

      Curly hairs guy its kind a good actor...keep going curly guy

    47. MacKenzi Rhea

      I think it was karina-

    48. ~YENDI~


    49. ~YENDI~

      5:16 is dat JADAH MARIE ???? In the background walking pass them ??

    50. Angie Herrera

      I think IT is his stepsister or the guy who is helping the girl

    51. Kayla

      I mean theater kids do thrive under pressure!

    52. Banele Mkhabela

      Brat tv is some,big peace of crap

    53. CraZy cAt 803

      I remember the crypt from crown lake when Ms Rose gave Nellie detention.

    54. Janet Chege

      I love the theme song..

    55. Fluffy Unicorn

      Haha yh the school uni is quite cute and my top suspect is Roxie ...

    56. Inès rogan

      I love how every brat show is connected!!

    57. Perry The Platypus

      Anyone think headmaster Chloe is Chloe Hauser from crown lake?

    58. Lulu Stoutt

      Is Roxie and Tuesday twins

    59. hxnestly

      It’s so cool that brat connects the shows cuz they’re at Crown Lake

    60. a n g e

      who here for roxie:

    61. Gabby Allowsing

      Why do I feel like it's is stepsister or the girl he acts with 🤔

    62. Lilly MacDonald

      No one: Me only watching this because I heard Presley is in it: Haha but it is good so far

    63. Aubrey Bisaillon

      Don’t scroll! Thank you wait are you still reading ok hi omg still reading?! Ok all I wanted to say is you are beautiful or handsome you are unique in your own way!

    64. Miss Khesh

      My favourite is Sophie,Lizzy in stage fright..I love watching her..their uniforms..sooo cute.and they are soo good

    65. JupiterXluv

      This is so interesting I want to know everything 💘🗝💘🗝💘🗝💘🗝💘

    66. Giean Cate Ginez

      IM watching for pressley and Sophie omgg

    67. Yuval Hamudot

      There outfits are so cute. I wish we had cute ones like those!!

    68. keiona neal

      I like the intro

    69. maddy taylor

      Tbh I think it’s karina. She seems like she wants to stop everyone who’s trying to figure out who it is. It also seems like she did it so she could get a juicy story.

    70. Cloud tea

      Who’s watching this again

    71. ItzCarlie Ramon

      Who is watching 2020 because of quarantine

      1. Carly Mignogna

        Obviously everyone because this cake out in 2020

    72. Lexi Plays roblox

      Anyone else here from Presley’s TikTok bio?

    73. Lauren Chancey

      Ok I don’t think it’s Tuesday or Karina because that’s to easy for brat even tho Karina is sus there trying to trick us you still don’t believe me Roxie is trying to help them so she knows what there doing next

    74. Famous Armour

      Imagine somebody put this on Episode choose your story

      1. Famous Armour

        I would love that btw

    75. Karen Tseng

      That theme song is on point 👍

    76. Supriti Saikia

      I♥️#chickengirls & #mani & #agirlnamedjo & #stagefright they are actually the most amazing shows ever on bratTV🤩🤩🤩they are the favourite shows of 95%of people watching brat TV

    77. Júlia Chalegre Ribeiro

      4:07 me whenever my teachers say we're having a surprise test

    78. Megan Oliver

      Tbh I’m kinda mad that Pressley was cast as Roxie. Pres is such a sweet girl irl and I really don’t want it to be her

    79. Stania Nortelus

      hehe my sister watched this and told me to watch it so i can guess who murdered him and i got it right.hehe

    80. Markayla Berry


    81. ALisha marie

      No one: Literally no one: Not even Delia "GoOod mOrnInG sUNshINe

    82. Ivy hemmers

      the lighting and the vibes Im getting from this serie are BOMB

    83. Landry Sellers

      roxie is my answer

    84. caramel bun

      The school is CROWN LAKE ! OMGGGG!!

    85. hind

      Who thinks it’s Roxie? 🙋‍♀️

    86. Ashley Featherby

      I think its Roxie

    87. Swara Jadhav

      This is way too good than Crown Lake

    88. amelia is weird

      “Theatre kids thrive under pressure” THATS THE WHOLE TRUTHH

    89. Alienised

      Could it be Katrina?!

    90. Joseph Mariasua

      Please tell me why anyone would want to watch this ????? I'm generally confused 😂😬😅😬😬😬😆😬

    91. Natasya Sharma

      ``nope im out , NoT TOdaY'' - Friday lol why is that so me

    92. Baijanay Foster

      Who is bored in qaranitine

    93. cat lady-ish

      I’m pretty sure it’s his sister

    94. Natasha LaJolie


    95. Anaya Singh


    96. Hafsah R

      I think I know who do it

    97. Hafsah R

      Lizzy I like the way her hair is made And her acting you are the best Sophia the best

    98. Hafsah R

      Sophie has such cool make up on

    99. Eiffe Official

      Are Miley and noah gay? What the heck with shirtless selfies

    100. joseph benson

      Thank you I can hear your prayers😂😂😂