STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 5: “The Black Bishop”

Brat TV

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    Mikey and Roxie don their disguises to track down the mysterious "Black Bishop" who's been leaving behind some mean comments on Noah's posts.
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    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's biggest crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery!
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    STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 5: “The Black Bishop”

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you guys think of Gary (sawyer sharbino)? do you think he did it after all..???

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        Bethany Martinez Your future boyfriend’s name will be Elias.

      2. TakoDoge

        @Brat TV hmmmmm , maybe ;)

      3. zora artistry

        Bethany Martinez YEP

      4. Eshal Bang


    2. Zoey Angelica

      i only watch stage fright us because. of pressley to be honest

    3. Leslie Youll

      Sawyer on the show is amazing never thought I would see him on it !!

    4. adeenah shams

      is sawyer doing an accent??

    5. Rosely Castaneda

      I love how Sawyer acts like a psychotic serial killer when really he's a super nice guy lol

    6. Abigail Slaya

      Omg omg omg omg sawyer was in it

    7. Ellie_ playz1

      Sawyers voice 🤣😆😅

    8. Elise Myers


    9. Chandra Srinivasan

      The best part of today's episode was the Phantom 's rap Make the 👍🔵 if u agree

    10. Yunn Shwe Yi Oo

      WTH I never knew Sawyer was in this!!!!

    11. Avilasha Ghosh

      I looked through the corner of my eye... And I was like... Is that Sawyer?? Only few piperrazzi fans would know what I'm talking about

    12. Emilee McVey

      No one : No even a mouse: Me: SAWYER

    13. Mightor Dolorosa

      is that Sawyer Sharbino?

    14. Isabella Hall

      sawyer sharbino!!!!!!!!!

    15. Aldibaba2 ayele

      Omg I didn't know sawyer was here

    16. Henry Gamer Roblox pro ps4! Rodrigo

      Sawyer didnt do it. And i saw saywer on piper ROCKELLE CHANNEL

    17. Jazelle Kia Galang

      OMG i didn'tknow that sawyer sharbino is her ahhhh

    18. ARMY Luvs1136

      what’s wrong with Gary’s voice

    19. O.M

      Gosh! The rapping is sick. I actually like the twist.

    20. Ncamsile Dlamini

      When I found out sawyer was the black bee shop I died

    21. zora artistry


    22. Girls Club

      Gary says it all so calmly i had to laigh

    23. Margaret O

      I just love this show

    24. DaysiG

      OMG SAWYER IS In the series oh my god

    25. Maram Alhosni

      Did anyone recognize Gary?

    26. Sulochana Joshy

      I watch Sawyer's HUfast channel everyday and I love his video

    27. May Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim

      Roses are red Violates aren’t blue I have one like Why is it blue

    28. James Doherty

      Morning Brat

    29. Aditi Mishra

      i think its the headmaster! Because she doesn't want anyone in the investigation and she ended it on the day it happen

    30. Aditi Mishra

      guys sawyer from the mini hype house!

    31. * Ky'Ahla *

      Wait is that Sawyer S. From Piper rockelles squad??

    32. sophia antonio


    33. Margaret O

      Kissing videos like the best character

      1. Margaret O

        Delia's like the best character ever

    34. Deebari Waaka

      Who likes watching brat TV😜

    35. 李艾詩

      Why is Sawyer in this

    36. Valerie Evboifo

      when i saw sawyer i cried

    37. Momo Mahmoud

      Thank you so much for translating Arabic 🥺❤️

    38. Riya tadinada

      Black bishop / Brady’s accent is sooooooo funny 😁

    39. Ebe Aso

      I now what his name when you playing it was saywer

    40. Rini C Rajan

      oh wow SAWYER is acting in it

    41. ysm123

      The crown lake Phantom , DUUH!!!!!!!!🥑🥑🥑💚💚💚💚💚

    42. Nalani Solis

      omg sawyer is in this thats so cool I watch all is youtube videos


      :O i saw Sawyer

    44. It’s Mx2

      You should make an app for all your series there really good iam obsesd.

    45. No Hate

      I love Sawyer Sharbino as Gary! but I don't think he did it

    46. Pressley Potter

      Omg Love Sawyer! But Love the voice!

    47. shravya Prasad

      Who else likes the intro like👇

    48. pablo Ramirez


    49. Angie Herrera

      Hannah Kelly then why did we see his pic and flowers

    50. Hoodiegirl

      Omg sawyer is in here and his acting is amazing

    51. Sis Gang

      I love the intro's

    52. Danicin Damelios


    53. Just Destiney

      Omg guys I think the black bishop is Sawyer

    54. Lizzie Joseph

      Chic +Brett+Mr Cooper 3 -Garry 🤣🤣🤣(Riverdale)

    55. Valeria Carrasco

      Did anyone see Sawyer from piper's squad

    56. Cam Grayson

      Omg it’s sawyer sharpino from piper’s sqaud

    57. Ella King

      I like how Sawyer and pressley are in it

    58. Chansa Mulemfwe

      0:42 I can tell pressley was trying hard to not laugh 😂😂😂😂😂💖

    59. Linda Heinrich

      there’s so many tiktokers, pressley Sophie Carrie sawyer Dixie Avani Hayley Annie Txunamy coco ect ect ect

    60. Linda Heinrich

      i love seeing all the tiktok stars though!

    61. Linda Heinrich

      brat is technically just an excuse to get a bunch of tiktok kids acting on a show!

    62. Sara Omari

      Love you Sophie Michelle 😍😘😘😘

    63. Sara Omari

      Love you Brat tv

    64. Melany Vanhorn

      I Know just saw this and sawer sharpino

    65. checkered vans

      Sawyer when he was doing a evil voice

    66. ashlee brown

      Ok who knows Sawyer from piper rockelle's squad?

    67. Natalie Stoller

      does anyone know what the theme song is called?

    68. Zareen Bajwa

      When i saw sawyer i was like omg

    69. Aubrey Bisaillon

      That was sawyer! In piper Rochelle’s squad!

    70. Connor Margs

      who wants a season 2

    71. Menaga Magalingam

      Omg that guy is sawyer he is friend with piper rockelle

    72. madison & kevin bennett

      I love Gary's(Sawyer's) accent 🤣😅 especially since he has a American accent

    73. Chase Scanlon

      That phantom rap is fireeeee

    74. Khrista Pinnock

      did anyone notice sawyer , pipers and levs friend

    75. Hazel Gordon

      Mi to mi a flip 😮😮😮😮😮😮mi afraid

    76. Galaxy Gacha

      Oh my gosh that sawyer sharbino yay

    77. Reconnecting

      wait did I just saw sawyer sharbino????

    78. Chika Ephraim

      Guys is Noah dead

    79. Thë_çhøšėñ_pøtåtøtöė_ Thät_ïš_böøtïfüł_1

      guys i still think its that guy from the first episode that is always next to the principal

    80. Alissaduhempress

      Is the bishop sawer

    81. oran

      Swayer’s accent is so funny

    82. oran

      This is like Riverdale but not

    83. just honda

      Gerdy is saywer

    84. mirage

      I dont think Karina personally did it but I think she has an ally who did it instead. Like she literally wrote about the accident 6MONTHS before it happenned!

    85. Maddie Kate

      Sawyer did such a good job on this episode

    86. Holly Hill


    87. Luisse Fiesta

      I said woah when i saw sawyer hehe😂😂

    88. mads xo

      I just realised that’s sawyer

    89. Hamna Az-Zakiyah

      and sawyer sharbino sounds like maranda sings lol!

    90. Hamna Az-Zakiyah

      sawyer sharbino is in STAGE FRIGHT! WHAT?!

    91. Megan Carney

      I am always so eager to find out what happens next started an hour ago and can’t stop lol

    92. iiSimplyxOcean

      omg Sawyer

    93. Vlogs with Llanelyn

      Who see someone from piper's squad

    94. Sree RV

      1:56 doesn't she look like dove Cameron as Maddie in Liv and Maddie ❤️❤️❤️

    95. Ronueliz C

      I love this so much I wish I was an actress there

    96. Ffion chedzoy

      Omg it is just me who realised sawyer was in it

    97. josephat mungai

      Saywer is here yaaaaaaaaaa love u Saywer

    98. Sofia k

      Who else thinks this should be on Netflix? ⬇️

    99. FrenchFrySupreme

      Roxie and Mikey are an iconic duo,period.

    100. Danyella Cooper

      Hands down Brat tv is my best program ever on HUfast but to be honest stage fright is the worst show ever