STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 3: “Cheaters”

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    Roxie teams up with Mikey, Lizzy, and Delia to investigate their newest suspect.
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    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's biggest crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery!
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    STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 3: “Cheaters”

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    1. Brat TV

      wow what a twist!! who do you think might be behind Noah's accident??

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        @Millie Thomas I. Donnnn’t thinnnnk there isa season 2. 😭 Your future boyfriend’s name will be Pooh-Bear.

      2. Millie Thomas

        When is season 2 coming out

      3. Ahnya Christieson

        Samson Muli Is Tuesday even a name? Haha jk tho’. You are destined to be single for the rest of your life.

      4. Naomi N

        Roxy or Tuesday

      5. Retro Wreck

        The princaples son 😏

    2. Luluplayz

      92, 93, 94. Tuesdays mind: Uhm whats next?

    3. Mohana Chakraborty

      Why are these guys acting like Noah's DEADDDD..... ????? 😒

    4. Kawai Kitty

      when delia says this its kinda funny 6:53

    5. Unicorn plays

      ok so is it just me or do i think the kiss part was a lil bit of you know cringe heh

    6. Kamora Mpia

      I believe it was Tuesday or Noah's Stepsister

    7. TheShadowQueen

      Who else is dwelling on "who did it ???" instead of doing their actual h.w ? Only me ok.

    8. TheShadowQueen

      Ok so is it just me or is the scene where someone takes Noah's phone have the same gloves as possibly Heather in Crown Lake ? I mean Brat never told us who Heather was so maybe she's behind this ? Or maybe she died and know haunts Crown Lake ? Idk there are soo many plot twists!!!

    9. Ian

      Who things the intro is a masterpiece👌👌👌👍👍👍❤❤❤

    10. sushma mishra

      Wait what ? Mickey called Lizzie Nancy Drew and if you see my previous comments on the channel I already said that the show is giving me Nancy Drew vibes!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    11. sushma mishra

      Ok so I have a crazy theory: The Crypt Room is the one in which Nellie was locked so it can be Nellie and the girl with curly hairs are related moreover they both are having curly hairs. 🤔🤔🤔

    12. Izzie Wheler

      Am I the only one who likes Roxie?

    13. O.M

      It's beautiful.

    14. O.M

      Everything about this is great.

    15. Mike Travis

      Put this at the top I think it is the reporter girl

    16. Girls Club

      I think roxy is a little bit/a lot conceited. If my brother was like noah I would be praying to god to save him

    17. simran borkar

      I watched this while having a 🍕..

    18. tattle tale JoyGrace

      I wish I could act here

    19. martha

      I don't think its Tuesday honestly.

    20. Annabelle W

      Tuesday is literally the creepiest meanest and wierdet girl everrrrr!

    21. Annabelle W

      Tuesday most def did!

    22. Anthony Geribon


    23. Hyper Bunny

      Tuesday has nice cheek bones at 6.01 but they can also look creepy😂

    24. Hyper Bunny

      When Noah's step sister was remembering about Noah ,he had gloss on his lips so my conclusion is at the end Noah will fall in love with the other gay boy.This is just my theory 😂

    25. Mine Craft

      I’m watching this rn and I don’t understand why so many people like this. Could some1 pls tell me why?

    26. samantha johnson

      Sad and sick step sister Me GUILTY MAYBE

    27. Michelle Nguyen

      when Mikey kicked the door and tusday was kissing the pizza boy i was like ...OPP

    28. Carly Ayer

      love this show and brat u make such amazing shows!💖

    29. Mercedes Todd

      If Tuesday wasn’t in the theater when it happened, then why was she there to react after it fell? She’s lying. But I still feel like the newspaper girl is behind it all. Maybe it was a team effort...?

    30. Olanrewaju Owolabi

      It's the head because someone might have did it to her so she did it to him

    31. Jennifer Newman

      I feel like I’m the only person who watches this cuz their a fan of dance moms and loves pressley

    32. Kapila Shroff

      Need a little work with the lip syncing

    33. ghumayd jimmy

      Only watching this because of pressley

    34. Janine Ragmac

      Tuesday is very creepy!

    35. Kimberly Ndubuisi

      I love how this serie is so mysterious😈😈😏

    36. Lucy Harrell

      Honestly, i feel like the first word pressley spoke in this show AUTOMATICALLY made her abby's favorite

    37. Danicin Damelios

      oh hell nah that hair brushing scene was scary

    38. Cam Grayson


    39. Juanita Hernandez

      Lmao he isn’t even dead 💀

    40. Lulu Stoutt

      Tuesday did it

    41. Cerkla Kitty

      For first acting sophie and presley are really cool

    42. Cerkla Kitty

      I really loved all show in brat tv

    43. Ivy Chau

      I feel like the actor for Tuesday actually made me feel like her irl name was Tuesday, like she makes the perfect Tuesday

    44. Sara Omari

      Love you Sophie Michelle 😘😘😘

    45. Not Meh

      Sometimes some parts really creep me out especially cause I’m watchin at night

    46. E R R H

      Does anyone else think that Roxie sounds like a little kid at 7:56 while shes banging on the door???

    47. diamond hoe

      OKAY i love delia’s voice 🥺

    48. Aliah.Herman Fernandes

      𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙖𝙣 𝙨𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣 2

    49. Abby &CO

      Anyone else wondering what version of phantom this is? Just me? Haha😂😂

    50. Rebekah Tan

      who else thinks that this show is wayyy better than Attaway General... lol when you ask tiktokers to act

    51. Erin Edwards

      Im kinda getting Cheryl vibes from Tuesday

    52. Alan Yung

      It is Bryan

    53. Aubrey Bisaillon

      Hello again! If you haven’t seen my comment in the second episode all I said was that your beautiful or handsome and you are unique in your own way I’ll be commenting in every episode see you next time! :D

    54. Jessica lesa

      😰😰😰😰am a liner she's lies everyday

    55. Abbe Crowley

      I feel like this will be like river dale

    56. LILLY

      Tuesday literally reminds me of Cheryl from riverdale in the earlier seasons...kinda creepy, dramatic and mysterious

    57. Amariah Rellin

      tuesday's song is nice can you guys publish this

    58. Carlos Oliveras


    59. Bridgett Chandler

      Why is everyone acting like he's dead wait is he dead

    60. Lagi Viral

      This more than chicken girls

    61. Harshita Sudhakar

      lmao tuesday trying to be emotional and you see the rainbow donkey behind her

    62. Alicia Z

      i’m the goodbye for now scene i just realized the donkey was in the background XD

    63. Lindsay Roberts

      Pressley is a amazing actress

    64. Faexri i

      sorry, but the acting skills is just-

    65. Sarai Aberdeen

      i thought it was his step sister who did it at first bc of how careless she is. i thought she did it so that she could get more views and followers by being with a “disabled person” but now i don’t know what to think bc i really don’t think it was tuesday🤷🏽‍♀️

    66. Alan Yung

      Roxie is kinda Sassy lol but in the end it changed

    67. Sofia k

      Tuesday is pretty why did they make her so ugly in the show?

    68. Júlia Chalegre Ribeiro

      am i the only one who thinks tuesday looks like a feminine version of ben plat?

    69. sania

      Tuesday can sing really good!

    70. Cassidy Hinkson

      You is not the only one

    71. Christy Jerome

      This show is juicy dramaturge

    72. madison & kevin bennett

      Anyone else like the show but watch it because Skylar Guthrie is in it

    73. Megan Oliver

      Honestly at 6:50 Tuesday sounded so pretty. Like I loved it. At that moment, I loved her voice and knew it could not be her

    74. amy Hendricks

      this is my favorite brat tv show

    75. Cyber Wolf

      Brat tv I love you and all but can you please make the words on those screens bigger PERIOD.

    76. Allie Houck

      Tuesday is really suspicious but I kind of think it wasn’t just her. Her voice is really pretty though you got to admit.

    77. Kettley Opoku

      Noahs hul tin X gtn on ma nerves

    78. E R R H

      I've come here from Chicken Girls because I'm waiting for Season 7. This is so good though too!

    79. Pauline Chhetri

      Can someone tell me the song's name

    80. Landry Sellers

      Pressley is a much better actor than I thought she would be.

    81. Lina Luna

      I wanna now

    82. Lina Luna

      I like ur brat tv

    83. ZaNiyahsLifestyle ZL

      My favorite one is Roxi

    84. Cutie Pie

      They used lexi's song

    85. Phuong Le

      The principal helper is the one I watched the whole season

    86. KoKo Tibbs

      Probably the most unpopular opinion it’s Noah

    87. xyaraˊˎ-

      im sorry but who names their child tuesday? the screenwriter looks like they had a tough quarantine for these names to exist.

    88. Gia Linh Bui

      This is the best brat TV movie I have ever seen is that just me I like just keep watching this

    89. Life with me

      Ok but im actually curious when tuesday was singing was she lip singing or was it her actual singing becaus eits very pretty

    90. Demon_Princess

      Wait i really got alot of suspect. But ithink that boy who wamts noah role. Did something like he tells someone to do that. And then he makes story so no one suspect him?🤔🤔🤔🤔 i really got alot of suspect but. I think one of my suspects is the one who did that to noah(Tuesday,her step sister,mikey,karina)thats my other suspects

    91. Demon_Princess

      Plus how can it be tuesday she was with noah in the stage when it happens. Right?

    92. Demon_Princess

      Karinaaa. She doesnt care about noah i saw in the last 2 episolds. But if she might care then. What a stupid acting karina. SHE IS MY SUSPECT😉

      1. Demon_Princess


    93. iisunflowerkiddoo

      Every 6th grade relationship ends bc u cheated on a test lmao

    94. Renold Lambert


    95. Renold Lambert

      5:38 did I hear👂 Mikel say word

    96. Renold Lambert

      3:17 🤣

    97. Mark Yusupov

      Tuesday looks like a Barbie doll Sorry but the lipstick job makes her look creepy

    98. Flora Sudduth

      I love this song Tuesday is singing

    99. Natasha LaJolie


    100. Natasha LaJolie

      Look at Delia's eyes in the theme song when she walks with Roxie... Are you sure Bryan did it?