STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 7: “Locked Up”

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    Delia, Roxy, and Mikey are sentenced to detention, meanwhile Lizzy confronts a new potential suspect.
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    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's biggest crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery!
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    STAGE FRIGHT | Season 1 | Ep. 7: “Locked Up”

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    1. Brat TV

      what was your favorite part??

      1. Sarah Newhouse

        3:39 roxie at that moment because that would be me 😂

      2. Sarah Newhouse

        How Roxie smashed Mikeys pencil because it was annoying her 😂

      3. Abigail Ticong Abiada

        @Siddiqa Bhikhoo yeah so cute

      4. Abigail Ticong Abiada

        Part 3,part 5,and6

      5. Jewel Andrea

        The detention part when Pressley aka. Roxie imitated the techer when she said "did I hear-" 😂😂🤣🤣

    2. Nevaeh Rodriguez

      Comment below how you found out about Brat!

    3. Pushincat 8325

      Me: Oh! A series I have not watched yet! Me: starts watching Also me: Now I under stand why they call it “Stage Fright”

    4. Addie Rose

      Let’s all be honest we watched 1 episode of something from brat and now we’re just binging brat

    5. song Lyrics

      Who else is late ⬇️⬇️

    6. Cherry Blossom Goddess

      LOCKED 🔒 🔐 🔏 UP!⬆️

    7. Hi Stay safe and have a great day

      Ok so I am new but like why can’t I find the next episode?


      roxy is comedy

    9. Sarah Newhouse

      3:39 - 4:12 I couldn’t stop replaying this. Lol Roxie would be me 😂

    10. Jadyn Maksoud

      My favorite character is rockie

    11. Ashley Haines Chiampi

      I love it

    12. Carly Ayer

      love this show

    13. Manuela Gomez

      Ok but Sophie Michelle acts rlly good

    14. Megan Carney

      She plays a great role

    15. Megan Carney

      Roxie mocking the headmaster was so funny

    16. Linah Washallah

      Welp now that theme song is stuck in my head !!

    17. bonnie michele

      Mikey is so fun

    18. ItzMe Jordyn

      when is crown lake coming back??🥺🥺

    19. Lanisha Alkins


    20. Gabby’s Channel


    21. Gabby’s Channel


    22. Tanveer Pasha

      It's the principal !!!! (I guess..😅🙄🤔🤔)

    23. Falak Rawal

      Kyle did it all

    24. Gianna Garcia


      1. Gianna Garcia

        I love you guys

    25. LILLY

      These episodes need to be longer! Ahhh

    26. Karina Giron

      This is all getting really interesting , I think that the headmaster could ge Noah’s attacker

    27. Charley_ Tingz

      Am I the only one her from Presley a.k.a roxies TikTok bio 😂

    28. Applejuice

      Roxie:My social life!!

    29. valerie gutierrez

      Why she rip off the thing in the nose anyway

    30. Lauren Vlogs

      How come in these types of shows the guy that something bad happens to is Always called Noah

    31. Julie Galvin

      I just started watching this today and the only reason why I started watching it is because Pressley from dance moms plays Roxie on this and now I’m totally into this.

    32. Saba Mahdi

      who else knew this show only because of Presley

    33. Ariannah T

      This show is so good

    34. Ariannah T

      Please tell me there is going to be a season two

    35. Elley Yu

      Go Sophie Michelle

    36. Mariana De Anda

      My favorite part was when Roxie and Della made up

    37. Ify Azenabor

      When do they post

    38. Karley Baldwin

      my fav was the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Hudson DuBois

      Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not a soul: Roxie: you said dO i HaVe T-

    40. Allie Houck

      I only started watching this because of Pressley now i can’t stop.

    41. Alexa's World

      How is Lizzie not scared at the school

    42. Jasmine Jacobs

      I think it was Kyle cause she run away once lizzy said it .

    43. MM - 06GM 796902 Fairwind Sr PS

      Mitsubishi whanye

    44. Demon_Princess

      I kneww it. Wait is he the one who wants Noah role? Im confused the curcly haired guys that is on noah role know is just look like him?🤔🤔🤔

    45. egypt dennie

      Saywer 💕

    46. Laury I

      Omg I love this show 💓💖 one of my favourite show and chicken girls

    47. Michelle Hehe

      This is how much people want to know who did that to Noah ⬇️ How did I get that much likes

    48. Sharu Cuter

      This is how much people love their mom 👇🏻

    49. Axel Gaming

      I think Kyle poisoned Wayne’s drink and Kyle was left alone

    50. Martha Spiridakakis

      Who else finds mikey adorable 😂😅

    51. Ggirl Weirdo

      Kyle said 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    52. Sansyo and Rolly

      Also, Delia kinddddd of looks like dove cameron

    53. Karunya Abi

      Hey y is all epi so short


      Mikey is the most funny in the show 😂

    55. Life With Ajay

      MOREEEE Zoe Valentine

    56. Fai fai Ferrice

      If Kyle ran away WHY didn't she run after her🙉

    57. f l o r a l c h x r r i e s

      I get the chills watching this!

    58. Rosie and Lily

      Who came from episode eight to watch Brian before he tells lizzy

    59. lauraleigh hughezxx

      its kind of scary

    60. Lil Tulip

      Who else kind ships roxie and mikey like if you do

      1. Ify Azenabor


    61. ayudhita ADM

      I beg and hope more subtiy beers I can see it better I beg for this cenel I beg🙏🙏🙏

    62. •little michi•

      Wait I’m on episode 7 wait what I thought I was on 4 I-

    63. Ceon Bartels

      How to make friends and manipulate people Lol... sounds like something I'd do when I'm having a bad day

    64. Aaron Russell

      You lost alot of subscribers

    65. Isabelle Arcilla

      If they make another seoson of stage fright what are they gonna make about?

    66. ᗩᗪITI K

      Mikey is my fave!! He is so funny 😂

    67. Alexa Nikova


    68. Alexa Nikova

      We love stage fright ❤️❤️

    69. Molly Moonshine

      this the only brat show that is actually good

    70. Maraya Fazakas

      is this all the shows is there an episode eight??

    71. kawther Ali

      Ok what abt brian he was acting fishy from the first episode

    72. Asparagus

      When is episode 8 coming out

    73. Alexandria Cheah

      Guys it’s kyle! Watch the trailer and pause at 1:17! Sorry bout the spoiler

    74. Matilda Marshall

      Who else came from Presley?

    75. Athena Rxses

      It’s Kyle isn’t it.. also idk how to spell her name sorry

    76. Alesha Totemoff

      Is it jus me or did I cry at the end of this season😭😭

    77. Shayanny Nascimento

      When they find the mistirios door

    78. Rubyy and laylaa parsonss

      Its kyle

    79. Katherine Grasso

      Hi comments

    80. Mia Buck

      No I do not want it to be over

    81. LIVingforChrist

      I'm probably the only one laughing at Dave and Mustards 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    83. Cute

      Go to the bathroom Wayne

    84. laila soliman

      Wait... September 1st?!!!

    85. laila soliman

      I’m crying

    86. Maya Gordon

      Can anybody tell me how you get a part on brat tv because I love it and want to know how to audition.

    87. Iris Williams

      Brat TV, how often do you post an episode to Stage Fright?

    88. sis and bro fortnite gaming

      I love chicken girls and always will

    89. Mira's Life


    90. Cindy Hernandez Mejia

      brat tv cam you make more movies pls

    91. Flor Quesada

      What happened to the new chicken girls episode

    92. Areli Espino

      I’m waiting for chicken girls I tough it comes out Tuesday

    93. Michelle Wright


    94. Trinity grace


    95. Annaisela Garcia

      I LOVE SOPHIE ❤️❤️

    96. Lucia Butterfly Lover

      I loved this shoe now it’s dine

    97. Ava Cope

      Will there be a season 7 of chicken girls????

      1. Luna

        september 1st

    98. Cloudy Raindrops

      Is the new episode of chicken girls coming out today?

    99. dazai osamu

      Is this the end??

      1. N a a j e e

        there is a next episoide

      2. N a a j e e


    100. Brehn Amazing

      I thought