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    Meet Lizzy (Sophie Michelle), Mikey (Skyler Guthrie), Roxie (Pressley Hosbach), Noah (Harrison Cone), Delia (Tahani Anderson), and the rest of the amazing cast from Stage Fright, premiering March 26th at 3pm PST on Brat TV!
    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    STAGE FRIGHT | Official Trailer

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    1. Brat TV

      which character are you most excited for??

      1. Michelle Pearson


      2. Didi Ijeoma


      3. Sarah Maryam

        Pressley aka roxie

      4. ITTZSweaty Siti Aisyaaahhh :33

        Tahani and pressly

      5. Heidi Yan


    2. Keely Carr

      is there gonna be a season 2?

    3. Archita Pant


    4. Michelle Pearson

      yes pressley

    5. Tomy J Vadakara

      ahhhh I want stage fright season two! so that Izzy and Noah can get togetherrrrr lets spam the comments saying we want a stage fright season two!!!

    6. Cassi Johnson

      Brat, Are we getting a season 2?

    7. Ritika

      11:11 - I wish I was in brat ✨

    8. Rebecca Renee


    9. Mercy Kishore

      Is there a season 2?

    10. Tasnim Bouslimi

      Where is season 2 ?

    11. Emma Emma

      Lol hi

    12. Immi's World

      Is there gonna be a season 2??

    13. checkered vans

      Sophie tahani pressley

    14. Grace Ayford

      I am watching this for the first time so I will be leaving a lot of comments of what I think is happening

    15. Shea Mulready

      I am just now realizing carrie berk liked my comment on tik tok

    16. Rachel G


    17. Hey There

      Put an Arabic translation on the episodes please?

    18. Madi Clay


    19. Faith Rudsell

      Brat tv please make a season 2 of this

    20. jadzia dax

      I see pressley hosbach

    21. Libby Davies

      So many people come on these show like Pressly and Dixie

    22. Angela loves to play

      :0 pressley's charactet is the mean girl? I'm probably not getting used to the

    23. Sara Deckher

      I’ve been trying to get into acting. These kids are already so good and they’re like 10. I’m 18 and still haven’t booked anything. This is good

    24. Dean Buggam

      Isn't tahani in that lol suprise thing for kids

    25. Deema Hazim

      someone find me the name of the actor of kai

    26. Mia Official

      I knew that was Presley but why her hair blonde her hair is usually dark blonde

    27. Shlok Bokil

      How many seasons are there

    28. Eiffe Official

      And it’s so crazy how Miley in the series is like so dumb but can play chess👌

    29. Eiffe Official

      This quarantine got me crazy. But I can’t believe the season 1 is over😭 And I love the theme song

    30. Yagi

      Me when I see Presley in the thumbnail: OK IM WATCHING THIS-

    31. julianya

      Everyone is here for Jabez While I'm just here from Pressley's instagram I love her, she's so talented

      1. Hello people of the world

        Like she can dance, act and all I can do is eat-

    32. Annisa Balqis

      Didnt believe it was BRIAN! SNEAKY

    33. Sherri Lynn

      Who was just scrolling down and saw this and had no good feeling about it then saw pressley from dance moms and started watching it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

    34. maysoon k

      Who else is here after season one ended

    35. andres gonzalez

      sophie is the best

    36. Ramlo Harun

      *Spoiler alert* The sport guy did it was the head teachers pet

    37. Elisabeth Pua

      why am I just really loveloveloveee the casttt ❤❤

    38. Izlaiqa izlan

      is it just me that after i finish watching a new series ill rewatch all the trailers and those types of vids

    39. Char Cherries

      I am waiting for season 2 and i'm really really excited ! I hope it doesn't delay, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    40. Emily Citrullo


    41. Sunday10yes Roblox

      ummm weres sawer aka gary?

    42. Sarah McGuiness

      Who else is waiting for episode 8 I know I am

    43. Mai Wagdy

      Who else knew pressley hosbach from dancemoms

    44. Julia Esmond

      Sophie michel

    45. Raelyn Childress

      The only ones I know are Presley and Sophie

    46. John Newton

      Do you have a 8th one?

    47. Alisha Mahmud

      Presely is from dance moms

    48. Kayla Vu

      1:02/Roxie/Pressley Hosbach looks like Bryleigh anne

    49. Allie Sisters


    50. Wajeeha Abdullah

      Just watched this show and it’s super Duper fun

    51. Marsella Joseva

      I think pressly is from dance moms and like brendan

    52. Carla Basson

      I love pressley

    53. Hai Bach

      Pressley and Sophie

    54. Grace B


      1. Grace B

        She is my favorite character in the movie.

    55. Kidz Mukbangs


    56. Emma Hand

      who is jabez?

    57. UniHoxic

      OMG when I saw Pressley I was like Ima go watch this and when I saw Sawyer in an episode I was like THIS IS DA BEST

    58. Hana Pshtiwan

      I think it’s Roxy

    59. Joy Abraham

      Is Kayla from chicken Girls gonna be in it?


      Isnt roxie the one in dance moms season 8

    61. Lisa Carter

      Only watching because of Presley

    62. Azhar Khan

      Not that bad

    63. Emma Noriega

      I don’t know if it’s just me but does anybody remember when tahani threw up on Paula on so you think you can dance kids

    64. Nique Fidalgo

      I’m watching this bc of Pressley

    65. Melanines Piano

      Isn’t tahani the lol girl?

    66. Kiana Ebrahimi

      Omg I love u Presley and I also love everyone else

    67. Sammie Unicorns

      And also 26th March has already passed

    68. Sammie Unicorns

      Amit Stage Fright I am so sorry for saying this but why aren't you uploading your videos I am really excited because your videos and other videos are my favourite

    69. Bri Gamez

      When is a girl named jo gonna be back

    70. Bhadie K

      Is it me or Tuesday looked so pretty with the bun

    71. Clodagh Swaine

      The minute I saw pressley I was like I need to watch this😂

    72. lawrencewsong

      Sorry if I spelled there names wrong

    73. lawrencewsong

      I was shocked when Pressly and Thani

    74. Peanut Lewis

      Wait is that pressely From dance mom She look so different

    75. Georgie George

      I’m so glad Pressley is in this. I loved Pressley on dance moms! As soon as I saw her face on the thumbnail I clicked the video 😀

    76. Rachel Raccoon

      Dance moms season 8

    77. Shrestha Debnath

      Anyone noticed Chloe from Crown Lake is the principal

    78. ice bear

      isn’t that pressley like from dance moms

    79. Sophia Mishka Tan

      Why at least one in each episode of the brat tv I always know one of them here I know pressley hosbach she's so flexible

    80. s n u z z y a u d i o s

      I LOVE THE GAY JOKE "What I was trying to Fix the fog machine" "Oh and I'm straight 😑🙄😒" 🤗🤗🤗

    81. s n u z z y a u d i o s

      I kinda think Karina did it she be acting....... Suspicious HMMMMMMM

    82. Presley Knouse


    83. Netanya's Kingdom

      What kind of name is that "Tuesday"😂😂😣

    84. Theodore Logarta

      0:47 that face though🤣

    85. Bhoomika Gupta

      BRAT TV should cast u cause u r the best 😘

    86. Bhoomika Gupta

      Hii Sophie

    87. Be Nice

      Carrie/Karina's last sentence “If you just pay extra attention, you may already figure out who did this” really makes me wanna find out who did this. And it rearlly creeps me out.

    88. Neshia Charles

      Their uniforms look like the ones from crown lake

    89. Amara Thaw Myat

      Is that Presley from dance mom

    90. Jenna Wong

      Who is Kai ?

    91. Ευαγγελία Λυμπερακακη

      Pressley is very beautiful

    92. Bianca Rodrigues

      Aww the didn't introduce sawyer sharbino. It kills me but its fine. Ily

    93. Anna Gens

      I’m just watching for Sophie

    94. Slytheirclaw Queen

      When all you see is them in the uniforms in a school: Me:Oh my is this a show about Hufflepuffs

    95. Olivia ** Olivia **


    96. Unicorn_lit Trujill


    97. Adyson Calhoun

      Oh look it’s the LOL girl!

    98. Amazing Olivia

      Omg is that Presley from Dance moms😲😲😲

    99. Bernice Chan

      Pressley is like the mini Zoe Laverne

    100. Gajendranath Hazarika

      I'm so excited to watch