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    When the lead of the school play is mysteriously injured, Lizzy must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery at... you guessed it: Crown Lake Academy. Catch the series premiere of STAGE FRIGHT March 26th at 12pm pst only on Brat TV!
    Lizzy is the stage manager for Crown Lake's latest production: Phantom. But when the show's lead and Lizzy's crush, Noah, is put in a coma by a tragic accident during dress rehearsal, she must unite unlikely allies to get to the bottom of this whodunnit mystery.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    STAGE FRIGHT | Official Trailer

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    1. Brat TV

      who came here from the scavenger hunt?? (did you have fun?)

      1. Lena L

        Is there another season ?

      2. Vikki Timms

        How can you audition for brat tv

      3. Haw Al

        I came for jabez

      4. Emily Deaton

        Brat TV what scavenger hunt?

      5. Onkeo Sivixai


    2. Bethany Silversky

      Me thinking its on netflix spending an hour trying to find it

    3. rorbar 2

      I feel so bad that this show didn’t do too well the plot line looks epic

    4. Sara Omari

      Love you Brat Tv 😘😘❤

    5. Diddy Tehfeh

      Harrison cone is cuteeeeee

    6. Iloveboys36

      They just stole this from phantom of the opera lmao

    7. Lucy Njeri

      Crown lake merch please

    8. Mia Taylor

      Why do they have the crownlake uniform

    9. Mohamad's Videos

      Am i the only one watching the trailer after i watched it

    10. blurb time

      i love how every show is intertwined, like look at their uniforms, its crown lake, which is another show. there's another brat movie that features crown lake. lots of characters show up in different shows lol

    11. Violet YT

      This is made to be a Netflix show

      1. N a a j e e

        i agree 💯🔥✨

    12. kaitlin walker

      I love stage fright soooooo muuuuucccccchhhhhhh

    13. Elaf Who?

      I saw Sophie and pressly so I just clicked

    14. Samiha Rahman

      I love Stage Fright I have been dieting to watch episode 7

    15. Rvby Fire

      I love this showww cant wait for episode 7😊

    16. Newest TikTok Trends

      1:16 I think Sophia did it 🤔🤔

    17. Christopher Tookes

      I know who it is 1:17

    18. Georgia Adams

      Omg it’s Pressley!!!

    19. Officiall Drea

      Love this series

    20. Claudia Morales McGowan

      I love Pres

    21. Kellypixiegirl

      1:09 that gives us a clue based on the voice

    22. Finley The Theatre Queer

      I haven’t watched Brat in a year but since my show is canceled I’ll watch this

    23. Ellie Loatman

      I can't believe Jabez is in this show omg

    24. Nilofar Zameer


    25. tiffiny dawson


    26. Maitreyi Rohra


    27. Deep D

      When is episode 2 coming out ???

    28. Bhoomika Gupta

      Hii Sophie u r the best 😘

    29. Bhoomika Gupta

      Hii Sophie

    30. Aran Yan

      Subtitle in spanish para the are serie plis 🙏🙏

    31. 20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge

      I'm gonna love this show

    32. Strawberry Discharge


    33. Maha YB

      Sophie looks adorable

    34. Neshia Charles

      Why do their uniforms look like the ones Nellie and Tiffany wear in crownlake

    35. Lilly Arnold

      what about Jabez thooo?

    36. Afroza Islam

      It's bangladesh independence day on March 26

    37. Jerdiah Ovesen

      Today is the 26

    38. Iyahlinelle barrio

      It's 3pm!😍

    39. Raquel Benoit

      Who came here just for carriebrokkk

    40. dailydose_of_dancemoms

      whos here for pressley?

    41. Aaliyah Barrios

      I’m so exciting!!! It’s coming out tomorrow yayy

    42. Zooty_world 1

      Okay but was that issac Ryan brown

    43. Kennard Babb

      Can wait for tmr omg🙌😊


      I am very sad because I cannot see this premiere because I am from India and the time is different.. I would have loved to watch it. Also I am a big fan of Sophie (Lizzy)..😍😭😭😭😭

    45. Taskeen Vally

      How can I watch this from South Africa

    46. Sofia Sanchez

      Subtítulos en español por favor 🇦🇷

    47. Fatin Ilham

      Will crown lake season 3 come???? If it is coming then when?

    48. gabriela lomeli


    49. Meikylla Tamayo

      I will watch this cuz its giving me crown lake viibbeeeee hahahhahah amdd their uniform

    50. aida delic

      Can't waiiiittt

    51. XxGlamVedaxX


    52. Alby Welch

      That’s released on my brothers birthday can’t wait xoxox

    53. Rania Ijaz

      I seriously can't wait

    54. Ug8yigcguxu Ugdx8fy8

      I soo wanna watch this

    55. Alyssa Gomez

      Hold up , Was that Jabez?!

    56. kio kay

      Sophie is such a cutieee

    57. Livia Papasodaro

      Your so good

    58. Lina _mkr

      So exited congrats Sophie

    59. Roza Raiyaan

      Crown lake???????


      Omg Sofia is in it

    61. Rositsa Kovacheva

      My best part is the end of the song

    62. Lorraine Cortes

      I'm so proud of my neice🤩 she's the best dancer and an actress, keep sparkling Star Tahani❣️🥰💖

    63. Sorelle’s Vloges

      Presley should never been on the show she should have never gotten the jacket that should be gia in the show

    64. Daisy C

      when she said noah is hurt there was literally NO EMOTION on her face

    65. Multi_ Edits

      Can’t wait till this and Attaway General to come out, I’m also watching chicken girls, bomb ❤️

    66. Elena Aiello

      who’s here for sophie?

    67. Mariam Arshad

      Brat TV u are producing some dark stuff...I love it!!

    68. Quarantine Life


    69. Shiloh Powell

      I love the song at the end

    70. Mary C

      Looking forward to seeing more from Noah! Friends told me he's fantastic.

    71. Jessica Jess

      Who else came here because of Sophie Michelle ...?

    72. Maddie

      Can’t wait for this!! I also saw Jabez in there 💀😂

    73. Joan Malunga Malunga

      I think the person who did it was the lady with the white hair

    74. Zared Rodriguez


    75. Alana McQueen

      Yeaaa I’m probably only gonna watch it because of jabez

    76. Hira Fasih

      The only reason I'm here is because of presssley!!

    77. Jackelin M.L

      😚 0:36

    78. Jenna Lynn

      what happened to A Girl Named Joe..

    79. Zoe Cadette

      yay Jabez and Tahani

    80. Samantha Robinson

      Sooo pretty little liars?

    81. Mya Turner


    82. Divine Villanueva

      Why are they wearing the same uniform in crown lake At first I thought its crown lake but not!

    83. ginger olive

      I'm excited!! 👏👏

    84. Paige

      So excited for this😊😊😊😁😁😁

    85. Priya's Blogs

      I am sooo excited!!!

    86. Angelina Lee

      Okay but who’s here from jabez

    87. Lily Milagros

      Anybody else’s here cuz of jabez or is it just me?

    88. Kassie Q

      Jabez is so cute wtf

    89. HB Miller

      Awesome! I can't wait.😄

    90. Jadyn Cassady

      I really want Crown Lake to some back!

    91. Jadyn Cassady


    92. Delailah Perdomo

      Who else is only gonna watch for Jabez ❤️

    93. Mya Keith

      I did the scavenger hunt to your guys are busy it was so much fun and don’t forget if I need to fly on an airplane to be where you are I will I just really want to be in at least one episode in your series think about it

    94. Mya Keith

      Hey brat TV this is mya here speaking I am in love with all of your videos and I would love to be in one I would love to have all the information I need to know how to be in one and I think that you really would like what I can show you this episode is amazing I’ve been in love with Sophie Michelle since I was literally like since the last time I could remember if I need to audition I will I am literally so excited and my channel name is Mya Keith I would love to be another actor in this someone else in the dark series you’ll be really impressed what I have to show you and if I need to audition put all the information in the comment section in my Channel below love you keep being awesome and I’ll talk to you later bye🙂😋

    95. Emera Stella Frances Collins


    96. Laniyah Muskelly


    97. madnero12


    98. Amina Č.

      Here for Sophie💞💞

    99. Random Viewer

      I am really excited to watch it I can't wait it to come

    100. Ariannah T

      Sooooo excited for this