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    Relive all your favorite STUCK moments in a season 1 marathon!
    Fiona, a defiant high school student, finds herself repeating the same day over and over again. Luckily, Fiona realizes she has a lot to learn and set right in her life before she can escape the cycle. It’s Groundhog Day in a high school.
    Brat makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.
    STUCK | Season 1 | Marathon

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    1. Jennie rock

      What the heck..u can't leave us in the middle there should be season 2 plzzz And what bout her eyebrows? why there's nobody bothered bout 'em🙄

    2. Karen lz


    3. Lydia Chosen

      The girl sounds like Rykel from Ohana Adventure

    4. Thabiso Khopolo

      We need season 2......this movie was so awesome

    5. Naya M

      this is better as a movie than a show

    6. Andrene Nedrick

      1:07:44.....................lollllllllllll @Calvin

    7. Andrene Nedrick

      41:23. lollllllll

    8. Andrene Nedrick

      36:46...Roonie from Chicken Girrllllllllllllllsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Elize Alberts

      When will season 2 be out i need it badly

    10. Sushma Saini

      Ohhhhhh.... my mind was stopped like for 5 minutes after watching this(☉。☉)!😅

    11. Melina Foronda

      i wished they made a season two :(

    12. Lina Clare

      your a pyathalogical liar

      1. Andrene Nedrick


    13. ARMY Luvs1136

      38:36 James Charles who?

    14. unijaylee 13

      The coffee shop Juniors is in like zoi Valentines total eclipse dirt and Crown Lake what's up with juniors in all five of them

    15. Wisyahh_711

      im begging you for a season 2

    16. emxglint

      I forgot about this and was still waiting for a season 2 bye-

    17. Mohan Patil

      When is 2 Season coming



    19. Jamila Laing-Robinson

      The fact that Fiona looks like Chucky with the jumper and red hair lol 😳😳

    20. Wania Ali

      Spencer weren't you with Jennah LOL

    21. Tamilini Kumar

      season 2 please

    22. Habiba Yasser

      I waaaant season 222 so bad please 😢♥️♥️♥️

    23. Nice movies to watch

      Those eyebrows popping

    24. WIDOW TDA

      make another one or ill sue just kiddingg but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NOW

    25. tina amandla

      She look a lot like Christina Aguilera.

    26. Minal Khadilkar

      We need a season 2

    27. Josephine Donut

      Calvin: he's such a snack. Gen z: ohhhhhhhh

    28. GARLAND X

      ALL i have to say my boy calvin is a mood

    29. Kaedance Zornes

      I can’t remember what Jane real name is

    30. Libbie-may Spencer

      omg!!! YUNGBLUD

    31. Starboy Tv

    32. Ovida Macias

      does anyone know the song that plays when the colors come on and the clock ticks before it shows her alarm clock at 7:00

      1. Ovida Macias

        in the first episode/beginning

    33. Denicea Morgan

      I feel so bad for Spencer

    34. Denicea Morgan

      Look at her wall paper

    35. Denicea Morgan

      Brat please talk to me I need season 2 of red ruby and brobot

    36. Kate Irene

      Fiona is literally on crack. I love her. But also those arachnids she calls eyebrows need help

    37. Maame Adwoa Danfoah Oboh

      Please bring season 2 🥺

    38. Maame Adwoa Danfoah Oboh

      It's been 6 months and there is still no season 2 😟

    39. good ness

      I like galvin

    40. Fatima Ali


    41. Suzanne Unicorn

      girl why did you rip up the tickets tho thats so sad

    42. Tanaka Zazu

      If I was Fiona I would have tried to fix things

    43. p p

      Fiona Shrek

    44. Dana

      i like how in the beginning there is an alarm clock but you can see the camera in the alarm clock's reflection

    45. Kukhanya Fudumele

      The ending 😂

    46. Mercedez Lennon



      I need to be at that coffee shop is the one from Ruby red on brats

    48. Kadesha Davis

      This is kinda like "Happy Death Day"

      1. I am dead inside


    49. Indi Carter

      I love Calvin 😂

    50. _.Sock75._

      Ok but I feel like this main character is the personification of the TumblrHipsterGirl

    51. tiktokteasheshh tiktokteaseshh

      i love enja sm

    52. Klinita Nde

      Am I the only one who thinks about Spencer 😂😭

    53. Jada Zamarripa

      When are they gonna give a season two. I LOVE ENYAAAAAAA!!!!

    54. Imani Mumbi

      Who else want's season 2 Also me : OMG why did they leave me hanging 😭😭 If you want season 2 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾

    55. Rocket Red

      Is this getting a season 2?

    56. Inaaya Majeed

      Nobody: Nobody at all: Fiona: WHATS HAPPENING WHATS HAPPENING YOU WINNNNNN FINE I feel so bad for her

    57. Thorn Love


    58. Foster Nelson

      This movie is fantastic love it...

    59. Chris #OnikaEmpire

      Can't wait for this season 2 it's so interesting I don't think we gonna find better than Netflix here ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    60. big sKinNy zero.

      I think frl this is like my favorite show to watch rn and I stayed up till 6am just watching it..

    61. Aichatou Traore

      Her eyebrows tho❤❤❤

    62. Zoja lola

      Please make a season 2

    63. Alessia Cristescu

      Jesus saves

    64. Lowla and bidhodha Grande

      Though the movie is interesting

    65. Lowla and bidhodha Grande

      We want more of attaway general and red Ruby and crazy fast looking forward to it

      1. ARMY Luvs1136

        and why attaway general and u said we wtf I don’t want it

      2. ARMY Luvs1136

        YUPPP there is gonna be a season 2 of attaway general and STUCK don’t worry

      3. YUPPP

        attaway general sucks, if they have a season 2 for that instead of stuck, ima be pissed.

    66. Tyler Paige

      Season 2 plzzz do it soon

    67. Hazel Gordon

      Indiana omg

    68. Hazel Gordon

      Spencer from totally e eclipse

    69. Yolian Dawit

      I legit forgot this show ❤

    70. avadeen miller

      Need season two

    71. Nicole Anderson

      I am diging the orange hair but the eye brows are kinda weird

    72. Anase Abdulmalik

      Brat plssssss just bring out a season 2

    73. Simbarashe Hwata

      SEASON 2🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😍

    74. roshita kosuru

      Earth for fiona😂

    75. Swiftfam

      I would like if they just post more videos on this channel like these videos I just love them

    76. Erica Hylton

      My mind is goin crazy SEASONN 2 PLZZZ 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    77. Alesia Chase

      When a new season of crown lake is comming🔥😭

      1. ARMY Luvs1136

        Next year yayyyy

      2. Courbri Mosley

        Wait it is

    78. Alanna Oconnor

      Anyone gonna talk about her eyebrows 😂😂

      1. jessii damns

        I think shes pretty🤩💅

      2. Londyn Weller

        For real

      3. Denicea Morgan

        Ah yea

      4. Kate Irene

        Nah we'll just ignore the roaches vibing on her face

    79. Aquamarine 123

      There needs to be a second season of Red ruby

    80. Jamaican Panda

      Season 2 rn.

    81. Emefa Agbesi

      Will they show a 2nd season of Red Ruby

    82. Karina Ayala torres

      Anyone know the songs on the show ??

    83. Lila Wimbish

      Congratu-fricken-lations lololololol

    84. G_Alexx

      why is enya like a good friggin actor GURLL

    85. beautiful all day

      From episode 1 I'm trying to figure out who am I supposed to be liking and who is the mean girl

    86. Riahs Salms

      did anyone notice how Calvin said "its not like were living in a groundhog day." and they relisted this Feb 2 which is groundhogs day

    87. Myah Mannette

      Who else thinks that Brat Tv should make an app on Google Play Store or is it just me

    88. naomi boo

      season 2 pleassse

    89. Elaf Who?


    90. r h y m e l e

      season 2?????

    91. Charles Okere

      We want a part 2

    92. snowcherry butterflake

      17:30 CONGRATSYOURFRICLINLATION that's exactly what elle in chicken girls said in season 6 ep 10 the finally 😂

      1. beautiful all day

        Yeah I was gonna comment that until I saw this lol

    93. Hnaan 1234

      When is season 2?

    94. ikanone adah

      wait this whole spring fling was at Milwood and if Darius was there that means total eclipse and stuck is related but at the spring fling he was with Johnny through out

      1. Debs O

        Actually spencer was with johnny the whole time at the winter formal


      was this about the coronavirus? lol

    96. Mimi Nini

      If there is going to have a season 3💕🤩🤗 AND your'll know it going to take long to come out make season 2 hours 😘😁 Because I don't think I can't wait 🤤💕

    97. Caitlin Belle Isle

      season 2?

    98. Kerice Williams

      I'm watching this in quarantine and it's the second time I'm hearing congratu-fricken-lations

    99. Sydney Daniel

      And looke there. It’s spencer! From total eclipse........and a person from chicken’s a small world..?