TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 8: “Shoot For The Moon”

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    As the summer winds down, everyone looks towards the future.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 8: "Shoot For The Moon"

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    1. Brat TV

      what will you miss most about Total Eclipse?

      1. Miyir Doke Lendo

        That sam and cassie didn't even ended up together bruhhhh are u kidding me?

      2. Stxryzm

        Brat TV every single detail

      3. Angel Wanjiru

        Season 6 please

      4. Zaesha Lopez


      5. Ruby Munoz

        Julia Kim Tiam Fook Chong me tooo

    2. Cookie Playz

      Dance moms vibes ;)

    3. Sugandha Chandna

      I’m so mad this episode was supposed to bring Cassie and sam together Brat brought us here to see this this is not good I am so DISGUSTED

    4. Aliya Gumede

      We waiting for new season 🤗🤗🤗

    5. pompote du 28

      Ugh the only reason i watched this was for Johnny and we barely see him

    6. Summer Sparkle

      So no ones going to talk about how Luka just left

    7. Evelyn Frias

      PLEASE don’t do what you did with chicken girls, just leave it here.

    8. Rithvika Sphoorthi

      I can't believe u saw 5 seasons just to see if cassie and sam are/will be together. But now i need a 6th season BRAT!!! (Hopefully sam and cassie will be together then). Who's with me 👇

    9. TR - 06MJ 807668 Centennial Sr PS

      brat pls end it with a movie of sam and cassie making out

    10. pastelgamez Roblox

      SEASON SIXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Rebecca Mithra

      Wait...this is the END end?!

    12. Ana Diane Diaz

      Nooooo!!! It can't End it needs Sam and Cassie Together !!!!!! Like if you agree. 👇 🖤

    13. Roger Espanial


    14. Bhaavya Srivastava

      Wait... so this is it? This show just ended? There is not gonna be another season? They should show their senior year as well! This ending was good for the friend group.. but I'm not satisfied that this is the end of the show!!!

    15. Shreeya Kathwadia

      I feel like Johnny is just like a useless in whole series ! They just put some scenes of Johnny and then never showed him again and just ending it like a mysterious character ... There is no meaning of his character if Cassie and Sam are not ending together 🧐 they didn't even show him in last episodes !

    16. priyanka jain

      We want season 6 please please please

    17. ginet angel


    18. Lisa Dornen

      i will aways say that morgan was the best character and no one can change my mind

    19. It’s Vicky

      This season was a SHAMBLES DOESMT MAKE ANY SENSE

    20. Talia Valencia

      i know right sam and kassie obviously still have feelings for eachother but we wont figure out if they get bak togwther no offense the worse ending of the series

    21. Louise Hands

      I really miss the show, literally my favourite part about this is when Cassie, Jenna and Kate reunited although Morgan and Diana joined them in season 4. I love this series, I wish it was still on.

    22. Paula Huapaya Rustler

      I gonna cry 😭it’s over

    23. Estelle Yeboah

      Aww I'm so sad it ended

    24. Duhulu and Tenara

      Can we please have a season 6 🙃

    25. Duhulu and Tenara

      This is the worst ending I've ever seen 😭😭

    26. Ngọc Thanh Le

      So... is this the end of Total Eclipse?? Nooo... 😭😭😭I’m so addicted it! 😭😭😭

    27. Annika pham

      Why are no total eclipse season 5 videos anymore and you guys are focusing on chicken girls

    28. Emma Saunier

      Do a season 6 please

    29. nethara amarasinghe

      wait, is this even the END!? i can t belive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. shawn stanun

      I really wanted sam n cassie to ended up together....

    31. Johanna Rönneborn

      Will there be a season 6?? I really hope it will, since I love these series, and I know there is plenty of other people that thinks the same!

    32. heidi banicevic

      we needa season 6

    33. Ally, bally

      if we can get this to many likes brat will hear our prayers to getting another season!!!!!!

    34. Rahama Musa-Mamman

      Oh... they didn't end up together

    35. angeline cole

      this season is..... 🤦

    36. Jophie, Savin and Siper

      Who’s wishes at 2:46 it was Jonny also who thought it was rude that Kate didn’t wish her luck

    37. April Burrell

      i cant say how good you guys act you can be on the tv and newspaper :,and the most popular kid s in :" Teenagers in the world i love love love stories about school and other stuff like work and crush s ;: and Cheer

    38. Ananya Mistry

      Is there going to be a season 6?

    39. Anisha Patel

      Videos are amazing keep up the good work😇🥰😍

    40. Aleksandar Stejić

      i want 6 season but with mr.lane

    41. kelmarie rodriguez

      I really wanted Johnny and Kenzie to end together if only axle wasn’t there 😢

    42. Kelsy Zharrelson

      I can't believe this more than 3 year series has now officially ended. I don't feel satisfied with the ending to be honest and so does a lot of people. Total Eclipse was the reason I subbed to Brat TV. They ended this series with a bad note, they started really good but ended bad. I will miss this show forever!🥺😭💕

    43. Kelsy Zharrelson

      I'm sorry but this was the worse season out of all 5🙁

    44. filza Puteri

      Seriously is this the end😭,, I want the end happier then thiss, but ookey I accept this

      1. filza Puteri

        @UNBEATABLE PLAYS yep I'm agree with you 😭

    45. Anju Kochhar

      I just cried for 3 hours straight . I was so not ready for this show to end

    46. Hannah Rose Hill

      This can't be the end.

    47. sallypooh9

      Is that Kenzie’s dance partner from dance to the stars

    48. Zaineb BaniYassin

      sis WHAAAATT U MEAN "the end😄" like NOOOOO Sam and Cassie get ur asses together

    49. Ogechi da cool girl

      I have been waiting 3 weeks too see if u will make a season 6 MAKE A SEASON 6 PLSSSS I WILL GIVE YOU 10 DOLLARS FOR A SEASON 6!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

    50. Varshini Kogali

      Finally Jenna and Spencer together ❤️😘😍😍

    51. Ryle Mendel

      isn't cassie's last name randolph?? and now it became gordon?

    52. _alxha_ hawaiian_

      I am really gonna miss this show :3

    53. Mimi’s World

      My fav part was the dance with Mackenzie

    54. Kassandra Cabalan

      Is this the end pls tell me its not

      1. Kassandra Cabalan

        Im not ready to let go yet

    55. nurnalaa sdh

      szn 6!!!!!!!!

    56. Nadira Ali

      Reallu total eclipse is done plzzz tell ep 9 will come or not

      1. Nadira Ali

        Plllzzz i think this was not the end still two episodes should come

    57. Mike Njaramba

      how they are always there for each

    58. JuneEllen Young

      Sam and Cassie don’t get together!! Rhyme and TK don’t get together wtf has brat become 🤦🏼‍♀️

    59. molly brooke

      i was not ready for that to be over!!😭

    60. agnes teresa

      Come on guys this is not the end we expected brat tv I am disappointed

    61. sara almulla

      Is this the last episode????!!

    62. My life with Jessie

      Like OMG I do not like Axl and Cassidy being together she's supposed to be with some and I am happy that Spencer and Jenna it's been a long while I've been waiting

    63. Adeline Hanson

      Did anyone else think Sassie was endgame and then was horribly disappointed


      I ship Sam and cassie

    65. Pooja Goyal

      One moreeeee seasonnnn plssss

    66. Ayeman Saeed

      Not in the freaking world this end like this oh no WHERE IS SAM !!!!!!

    67. xXGalaxyXx

      Im unsubcribing jenzie or sassie ment to be make a season 6 like dudeeee

    68. Nitya Dhavala


    69. Nate dog

      When Cassie said “ sam is out of the picture” and just died, and hoping that if they make a season 6 Sam and Cassie end up together

    70. danielle riqa

      Is there a season 6 of these ?

    71. Rania Elmaazouzy

      I love brat tv shows I am almost finished with all the shows but not really I really like brat tv shows❤️❤️♥️♥️

    72. Christine Lahtaw

      Brat!! We need a season 6 and more!! Pls

    73. 『 BLAIR 』 lol

      im gonna miss this show also im kinda mad that cassie and sam aren't together 😔

    74. johnny_orlando_ israfan

      I'm sorry brat but i don't like this end so much bc Sam and Cassie didn't even talked this season. At least you should have ended their relationship in a good way that we all would be a little more happy about it. Is this the last SEASON? I honestly will miss this show and all of the interaction of John and Kenz. I feel like they take Jenzie as a fan service and that is pissing me off 😖🥺 And by the way even in Chicken Girls they took out Hayden with made me not wanting to see this show again and when i heard Hayden is back i did a marathon of all the seasons i missed and honestly Annie and Hayden's characters should be together at the end. And i love Hayley but it's just to much for her to fill bc the other cast was very good and they have already started so I'd rather it to end and Hayley to have a new show that she is the main character there. (I am so sorry for my broken English)

    75. Icecrem unicorn

      Is this the last seasonnn??😭😭😭😭

    76. Prisha Singh

      So no more episodes? Want more of Cassie and Sam!!!!!

    77. Stephanie Faith

      is this the last episode of total eclipse?

    78. Evelyn ROMERO

      Llore con el final me encanto

    79. Lilia Is a sad betch

      Wait it's the end?

    80. David Gossett Jr


    81. TwisterBolt

      What happen to Luca and Kate?

    82. Erika Ma

      I want season 6 plz

    83. sanyogita satpute

      Is this the last season??

    84. Lizzie Corona

      Tbh this doesn’t feel like the end everything was everywhere and nothing really made sense to how it ended

    85. Summer Roberts

      Uuggghhhhh we need a season 6!

    86. Candy Ibarra

      The drama

    87. Calvert Warren


    88. Lynch’s

      Every thing

    89. Junia Caitlyn

      I will miss this show for sure 😭

    90. lutchevie sevilla

      season 6 plssss

    91. Malak Tamer

      I wish Sam and Cassie would have got back together

    92. Dipak Naik

      Plzz u want to see season 6

    93. Natalie Roberts

      It’s so sad that it’s over imma miss it so much! :

    94. Bailey D

      Okay if Brat isn’t going to make another season of Total Eclipse at least make another season of Zoe Valentine!! We got left on a cliffhanger ☹️

    95. Domenica Pinedo

      day 1 of asking brat to make a season 6 of this amazing show!!!!!

    96. Fatima Koraiban

      sam was kinda ugly. i was rooting for axel

    97. marian therese

      i’m late but how did Jerry’s ankle suddenly/randomly get better when earlier he said it was apparently ‘badly sprained’ lmaoo

    98. Cloudy Roses

      This show will be missed :(

    99. Cloudy Roses