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    The Total Eclipse cast gets together for a special reunion.
    At Millwood High, Cassie and her friends band together to confront mean girls, boy drama, and their high school woes. But when reality becomes too much, they can always escape to their fantasy worlds.
    Brat makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, “Zoe Valentine” and more.

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    1. The roblox apple

      Please make another reunion later with all the OG cast!! Only 4 members were there and Lauren was not even in the call. This is unfair. It cannot be called a reunion😒

    2. Aleena Adel

      It kinda seems like Lauren didn't want to be there or something cause everytime she would try and answer the others would just interrupt. Like she was literally only there to ask the questions and that's just really rude. Truth be told, most of us only clicked on the video for Johnny and Lauren so that was disappointing

      1. Aleena Adel

        @The roblox apple yeah you're probably right

      2. The roblox apple

        Gosh her parts seem like they were prerecorded. If John was at the concert, then Lauren would go with him too

    3. Amanda Urzúa

      where is john? 😔

    4. itsmepaull

      Season 6???

    5. Clara Rodrigues-Cheung

      "if there was an alternated ending for sam what would it be" hmmmmmm I wonder lol

    6. Clara Rodrigues-Cheung

      Did anyone realize that Devinetys name says daniella perkins

    7. Just Stuff

      What did Emily mean by they are here in spirit?

    8. The roblox apple

      11:35 "what could've been an alternative ending for sam?" Everyone's laughing, but look at Kenzie's face¿

    9. Stefania Stanciu

      Can y’all pls make a session 6 pls

    10. The roblox apple

      Lauren wasn't on the video call actually. Look closely you can see. Hers were prerecorded I think.

    11. Emma Saunier

      Who knows, once this whole covid-19 thing stops there might be a season 6. I hope. 🤔

    12. Eleanor Murray

      You should do this with Annie and Hayley LeBlanc.

    13. Mahika B

      why are johnny and nadia missing!!??? it would have been soo much better with them. and i feel like lauren filmed this at some other time because she is in canada, and kenzie,emily,divinity and darvius were on facetime with each other

    14. 🧴aesthetic emoji🧴

      I'm waiting for total k-pop meeting farm life 🤠


      I request brat to make a S6 where they are all grown and living their dreams like being a magazine writer, dancer, singer, business woman and what not. And then they all come together and live like with their partners and Sam and Cassie Jenna and Spencer and all that stuff. Pls we want it.

    16. Hydie Nicole

      Total Eclipse THE MOVIE??!!

    17. Perez Akoto

      Where’s Maddie?

    18. lila parlaman

      Kenz is blonde now? i thought it was just maddie?

    19. GamingWith Nevaeh

      OMG I still remember when Sam aka Johnny flipped the tray over and said,"You stole...MY SONG!!!!" I was shook!

    20. Jamie Lynn

      👧Interesting thoughts from the Cast and crew❕ @Brat TV

    21. Reaction & Review with Wesley

      I’ve been here for all 5!!! It’s been amazing!! it’s totally different vibe from CG. I loved it. That’s so funny that they didn’t know they were kissing😂😂 I love Darius’s idea for Sam😂😂

    22. Manvi Khurana

      This video is fun but I was genuinely sad and disappointed, because lauren didn't get a lot of opportunity to speak. Kenzie was literally ignoring her, they were like bestf two years ago. Also this video is absolutely incomplete without Johnny and Nadia:(

    23. Niha Patel

      Everyone here in the comments section be like why is Sam not here Can I get an amen

    24. Aayushi Gurung

      I miss Johnny and Nadia in this video

    25. Aayushi Gurung

      I clicked for Johnny but he is not here. That's so sad.

    26. syifa putri

      I came here for lauren 🙆❤ She's so precious omfg i-

    27. therese

      im still annoyed about the fact that cassie ended up w axel bc they were together than time irl lmao


        therese ik and im still so mad abt ittt

      2. therese

        @RANDOM ACCOUNT true but they got a "better" ending than sam BUT SAMS BEEN THERE SINCE SEASON 1 SMH


        Cassie and Axel didnt end up together(she didnt end up with Sam either tho, Sassie shoulda been endgame smhhh)

    28. Victo 2.0

      please tell me at least ONEE of these person thought of sassie

    29. Victo 2.0

      this ain’t a reunion cause like where was my johnny boi. bye brat it was a fun time

    30. Chxza XX

      Why did Diana have the same personality glow up as amber in Andi Mack 😳

      1. The roblox apple

        that kind of character suits her a lot lol

    31. Emma Tacchino

      I can’t believe te is officially over😩it’s been such a wild ride!

    32. Humsha 000

      Why is brat in such rush these days and active to get views...I mean they could've waited for the whole cast to be here I mean where are Sam and Jenna?? What type of reunion do you call this???😒

    33. Living Art


    34. yuh lol

      they act like sassie wasn’t their favorite ship

    35. Chahna Jolly

      Am I the only one who straight up thought of BTS when spencer(diggie) mentioned “Kpop artists...... They went to Korea..... started a boy band”

    36. Micaela DeMarco

      i think it would have been better if sam and cassie went on tour together

    37. Navena Yogashur

      Where is Johnny 🤗

    38. Goomw Love

      485 to comment

    39. Chloe Henrriquez

      wait so like no more total eclipse?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, I'm suing brat for taking away my favorite brat TV show. Whos with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    40. Sharna Peal

      If i was in the cast id love to play cassie as i got bullied when i was in high school and i could show all of my emotion and i love dancing and i realy like astrollagy and like stars and planets and stuff so i think it would be cool to play her ❤️ love u all

      1. Sharna Peal

        Thats good that things got better for u and im sorry u got picked on i hope u r ok 😊

      2. Tulikaa Kashyap

        i was bullied from pre school to 4th grade. they would always tell lies to the teacher and one student even judged me because of my weight and asked if i was pregnant in the 4th grade like wtf- i wasn't even that fat. i mean i was, but too much. but in 5th grade, things got better and now i have friends :)

    41. Jerree XOXOXO

      Legit why did it end?!??

    42. Jerree XOXOXO

      Legit why did it end?!??

    43. SFM 13

      Nobody: Spencer At 12:41:Why did everyone stop when I was talking

    44. Lightning lyrics

      @Kenzie, why are you not close with Lauren anymore? I feel like she's totally left out, that's not fair:( I really miss you guys friendship uu

    45. Danielle Wilson

      1:39- CHA👏🏼RAC👏🏼TER DE👏🏼VEL👏🏼OP👏🏼 MENT💅🏼

    46. Danica the potato

      Will there be more sessions?

      1. Jerree XOXOXO

        Sadly no

    47. Razaq Dawodu

      I wish lauren answered some questions as well but I love the reunion

    48. silver dream

      When you put Johnny's pic to make me click on this, but he isnt here. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    49. multifandom hufflepuff

      Brat literally did Lauren and Johnny wrong smh😒

    50. A.A.C.S Channel

      Hope for the next Episode . Love you guys

    51. Grace Dave

      I want there to be a season 6 😭😭😭 or more , I DONT want it to end😭

    52. iumue kandetu

      i noticed darius piercing


      Where is nadia !!!!!!

    54. Gaurika Bhatia

      Who here gets confused with the names of chicken girls and total eclipse 😂😂

    55. Serena JONES

      Why is Johnny not here

    56. OLIVE

      Johny is not here... #jenzie ❤ Love you guys!

    57. Storm Makers

      People say random things and get likes so... 🍌 banana 🍌

      1. Krizcel Kate Bacho

        owph i laughed

    58. Sabina’s World

      Wait WHAT was wondering why they weren’t posting total eclipse?

    59. Ritika

      I clicked for john and lolo :(

    60. Pippop Azzahra

      "Total KPOP!?" OMG R U Seiruosly? kkkkkk :D love it

    61. Archita Pant

      Total eclipse is literally my favorite show so it really sucks that it ended

    62. Sqnxkriti _

      Is it finished ?🥺😭😭😭

    63. Pippop Azzahra


    64. Sway tiktoks

      Guys can ya'll stop asking why John wasn't here?! of course he had something to do omg and Lauren maybe was the one to ask the questions only stop making assumptions that brat doesn't love them equally!!

    65. hey.

      how he stopped smiling haha 11:11

    66. Shekhar Kandpal

      Where's Johnny and Nadia????

    67. Cutie kk Tv Lps

      Big fan of this show so sad it's over though 😥😩😭 I was sad there was no more sassie/ jenzie but I love u guys

    68. Irene Clance

      Pls come backkk

    69. Caitlyn Jewel

      This is really random but devinity is on daniella's device lol

    70. Rose Over

      Are we all going to ignore that there’s a picture of dr.phil on the laptop?

    71. Riley Groan

      the way they put johnny in the thumbnail but he isn't even there this just shows that brat is a clout chaser lmao only the locals like brat smh

    72. Riley Groan

      i was gonna watch for john but he's not here so i won't be watching anymore

    73. Skater SS

      Where is Johnny 😢????

    74. Sazeesha Ali

      I love you so much

    75. Ashley's Vlog's

      🧚✨Slow down with the Kenzie&Johnny comments i cant like them all✨🧚

    76. Change Sixteen

      So we only have Spencer and Jenna's happy ending in the final season? We want season 6 😭

      1. Change Sixteen

        @The roblox apple ikr? petition for total eclipse season 6 😭

    77. Pinksushi801

      I wish my teacher taught me character development by watching Total Eclipse...

    78. virline honore

      10:02 ngl i forgot about him

    79. Lena Zakharova

      I just love that lauren didn’t answer any questions

    80. virline honore

      6:47-6:58 i saw that in the bloopers 😂😂

    81. Jessy Joe

      I wanted john and kenz together here but I guess he's not here

    82. Olivia Stevens

      awwww i love this cast their all so nice

    83. Strawberry Shortcake


    84. alexandra lock

      love total eclipse sm! who agrees?

    85. Emily D

      You guys are awesome wish I could be one of you.

    86. Rebecca Schofield

      Yayy I loved that they reunited

    87. Larrissa Sheard

      Kenzie: I’m very social fletcher: I think it’s time to shine I’ve been waiting so long

    88. k̴e̴t̴t̴l̴e̴ ̴L̴i̴g̴h̴t̴

      Who’s been here since season 1

      1. Tulikaa Kashyap


    89. FluffyHusky _YT


    90. Johana Deras


    91. cynthia._. yu

      Lauren only answered a few questions and that’s just not fair. And why is Johnny not here?

      1. Anahita Kumari

        He had a concert

      2. Destiny Martinez

        On tour💀

    92. Maddie Hess

      Thanks guys!😎

    93. Brattv Fan

      Where is Johnny ???☹️

    94. Nevaeh St Claire

      Question. Lauren and John live in the same house. How is John not in here?!

      1. Destiny Martinez

        He is on tour

    95. Angel Darkness

      Plz upload season 6 plz all of us want plz

    96. Jaylynn Guinn

      Is total eclipse is in aspiring

    97. Adriana Sanchez Peña

      When Johnny isn’t here :(

    98. Ogheneyoma Izeze

      Love it soo much ,Hey guys

    99. Hannah Smith

      Lauren deserves better 💔

    100. Kiki Essilfie

      Bruh why did they say reunion like it’s been years didn’t it end like a month ago AGAINST OUR WILL