TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Rock Stars”

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    Jenna and Diana face up to problems from their past.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Rock Stars”

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    1. Brat TV

      we hope you enjoyed this episode! what do you think will happen next?

      1. Rebecca Ranger


      2. Thomas N Mani

        Kate finds out it was Sam who wrote the bad comments

      3. Aleksia Johnson

        I think Cassie and Morgan will have a massive fight in the next episode.😬🙈

      4. Allie elmore

        I think what will happen next is cassie will start working at juniors juce and get the dance thing she wanted and her and Sam become friends again

      5. Alice Luk Yick

        @lizzy_ the_great MORE THEN FRIENDS!

    2. Olivia Kay

      Is it just me or did she say bestest

    3. Olivia Kay

      Saaam is sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuute

    4. Fiona Cai

      when kenzie said no no i'm not ready it reminded me of when she was in dance moms and said no mom i'm not ready im not ready and cried Melissa: No Makenzie for god sakes it's a dance calm down lol

    5. Sugandha Chandna

      This is how many times sam said I could have followed my dreams 👇

    6. Yashi verma

      Isn't it funny how sam keeps flinching that he could have been a famous singer and Orlando is a pretty famous singer.... 😂😂

    7. jac catherine

      Such bad acting omg 😭

    8. certified zai

      cool hahahahahaaaha

    9. Lisa Dornen

      so nobody’s gonna talk about that moment between sam and will are we gonna have gay couple🤭😳im kinda down tho

    10. Mariah Hernandez

      Yall should have this on Netflix

    11. No

      Who else was cringed by the tiktok moves

    12. Leah Scheafer

      Cassie dark hair: like 👍 Cassie light hair: comment ⌨️

    13. breezy.tailynn

      i swear i LOVE brat tv

    14. Marnem Tomhartmen

      This is my favorite movie 🖇💘 .!.

    15. Alexandra Hedwig Nelischer

      oomg cassie/kenzie is wearing maddie's fabletics dancewear! :)

    16. Tashi Choden

      Doesn’t axels sis looks like Astrid from chicken girls

    17. Tashi Choden

      I just ship morgan and eli

    18. Lethu Mthiyane

      2:50 Lol that was pretty funny 🤣



    20. Aubery Simons

      Sam's acting is cringey af

    21. Tim Brown

      Isn't Cassie and Sam dating like in real life

    22. brenda odumah

      who has watched this from season 1 straight MEEEEE!

    23. Abeera Amir

      Morgan looks like a doll

    24. Teresa Graham

      Kenzie did a tiktok dance ay at ay ay ay ay ay

    25. Divyansha 1d

      I liked the episode today

    26. Mary Kate Mcmahon

      Am I the only one that likes axel and cassy together

    27. Queen Naomi

      Ok wt , when Kate asked Cassie to do silly moves, Cassie LITERALLY did tiktok moves like 👁 👄 👁

    28. DMedicine TT

      no im not ready.....sounds familiar from little cute kenzie in dance moms

    29. leen mokbel

      we need a jenna and spencer 🥺

    30. Par TINGPAW

      That’s rude which one is ugly

    31. steph

      kenzie’s hair looks so long

    32. Mofifoluwa Azeez

      hold up was that dance a tik tok?

    33. HaRMonY HrMy

      Cassie is gonna get in trouble for sponsoring junior's cafe

    34. Camilla Gafurova

      *Mr.lane,brayden,Luca and Eli left the chat*

    35. Erica Elizabeth


    36. Johana Sanchez

      Bro tell me y when Cassie said I’m not ready it reminded me of her but in dance moms when the couldn’t pick her up when she had to get down and do the splits and he had to pick her up

    37. Lillian Alvarez

      anyone notice when kate said to do a few funny moves cassie did the renagade

    38. Gift Anthony

      Sam keeps blaming cassia like chill bro she had to do the right thing Btw

    39. Shehreen Humayun

      SEASON SIX of TOTAL ECLIPSE pleaaaaaaaaaaase

    40. Helena Betru

      Kate: isomer sillly moves Cassie: breaks into tiktoks tok dances 🤣🤣🤣

    41. Ya BiAtChS FaV

      They should make the article about juniors aka the coffee shop!

    42. Addie Swen

      Remember Brayden or whatever his name was I thought about him a second ago and I was like what happened to him

    43. Layyah Docrat

      her dance moves were from tik tok lol

    44. elyssa roberts

      did anyone else notice in season 1, cassies last name was randolph and now it’s gordon

    45. Lara Kevill

      Jenna is more prettier then Diana

    46. Esther Ji

      axel has mommy problems

    47. Aminath Ulya

      Kenzie keeps getting prettier and prettier day by day

    48. This is Sophia Figueroa

      kenzi just did the renegade in this well kkind

    49. Titoluwa Maxwell

      how does kate have wifi on her computer when she's close to a river????

    50. shkiredd

      8:19 XD

    51. Monquie King

      Hmmm 😭😭

    52. Amanda Guess

      When Kenzie said im not ready its not ready did anyone else get flashbacks to Dance Moms or was it just me

    53. Fun_ 321

      Woop silly moves

    54. Serenity Campbell

      I’m wondering if total eclipse has any connection to the older episodes. Like crown Lake or a girl named Joe...

    55. Serenity Campbell

      Johnny’s acting isn’t horrible, but it’s kind of dry...

    56. Huey Yee Ong

      so everyone has to listen to Axel's sister's story but then she gets to brush off everyone else's problem bc it's not about her (:

    57. Janetzy Aparicio

      That is so good

    58. Draco Malfoy

      Ngl i kinda felt bad for Axel (A lil bit)

    59. Cerkla Kitty

      The girls are in high school or not ?

    60. Cerkla Kitty

      I listen english but speak french. The cc doesnt play xd

    61. Daniel Mcune

      Sam sucks

    62. 20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge

      Ok but if Cassie isn't with Sam and Jenna isn't with Spencer by the end of this season then I'm done

    63. Omar Guillory

      Dang Cassie got some moves 😂

    64. Omar Guillory

      Why does Sam keep bringing that up tho I mean Cassie was just tryna help

    65. Dino nugget lets try and get 25k subscribers y not

      Who else is just sitting on there bed binging this show lol like if u r

    66. A Hungry Monkey

      The audition is today Me: Easy call up Abby Lee Miller she'll have you in shape in minutes

    67. Aprile Carey

      This episode I lit watching it now

    68. Video star edit of Brat tv characters

      Can you plz upload season 6 to

    69. Skater SS

      BEST TV SERIES EVER!! LOVE Brat.TV ❤️ Who agree with me 👇🏼

    70. Imoni Ahmad

      When Cassie was wiping the window it reminded me of the wipe trend on tt

    71. Dillon Haggett

      Lauren and Johnny literally have the same face lol. Also, Porsche is going to the bank for “a few hours” but judging by the light coming in from the windows behind Cassie it looks like it’s around 4-5pm. What bank is open for “a couple of hours” around 4-5pm? Do banks stay open through the afternoon and into the evening in America or did they just screw this up?

    72. denise M

      how does my comment have so many likes?

    73. Khadeeja ALI

      Tik tokers are the next actor's

    74. Gracie Sca

      Everyone: i hope Sam and Cassie get back together 😱😱. Me: I hope Sam and the guy in his class get together 😳 (can’t remember his name)

    75. mikin lirou

      Diana: stops Sam from talking bad My friends: *talks bad about me with them*

      1. Rumana Akter

        U literally copied another comment.🤣🤣

    76. Fun Fact Central

      hey this was a good one

    77. isabella kortes

      they are always at Kate’s house lol

      1. mikin lirou

        Kate: do some silly moves! Cassie: *does tiktok dances" LMAO

    78. Bhargavi Y

      the last season was really good. they kinda messed this season up.

    79. Karen Chavez


    80. Karen Chavez

      Can you come to my birthday on December 2012 in California in ale

      1. Karen Chavez


    81. Ptao Tom

      Everybody else: Going crazyyy in the live chat Me: Just vibin' in the comment section 😂✌

    82. Amanda Mangena

      Are we going to talk about cassie doing the renegade

    83. Amanda Mangena

      Is it me or Morgan looks like a full on mom

      1. Ptao Tom


    84. Gladys Carvajal

      I love this episode , and i notice makenzie to color of hair in this episode


      i remember when they daydream good old days

    86. Raluca Udrea

      Why are the messages they send on the left when its ment to be on the right😂

    87. Raluca Udrea

      I love how Diana is not mean anymore and she actually sticks up for Cassie now

    88. Raluca Udrea

      In episode 1 Diana had a different phone 😂

    89. Anatu Johnson

      2:28 when Kenzie Said im not ready who was thinking about dance moms😂

    90. Lol Lolletjes


    91. hvpmelio

      Kate: do some silly moves! Cassie: *does tiktok dances" LMAO

    92. Skye Dickinson

      We need more

    93. Beasapple Tay

      why's the acting in these shows always sooo bad

    94. Maysi Phoenix Lapierre

      We want cassie and Sam together in the next epsiode and season

    95. Madelyn Sanders

      is anyone else confused about how the expert on rocks is in summer school retaking and earth science class??

    96. Hi I'am Ashley Hola soy Ashley

      Como si dice subtitulo en español no aparece que estafa 😔🙁😑😟😡👎🏻

    97. It’sAnnalissa


    98. Bear Cuddles

      Makenzie zigler

    99. dorjee Yangchen

      does anybody know when was this shot