TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Flashback

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    Relive magical moments from seasons past as the cast of Total Eclipse gears up for Season 5!
    Watch Seasons 1-4 here:

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    1. Brat TV

      what do you think is going to happen in season 5?

      1. Sharon Mathews

        i think cassie is going to go on tour with sam in season 5.

      2. Micaela DeMarco

        when is seosen 5 eposide 3 coming out i thought it was souposed to come out today?

      3. Mariam Alk

        Brat TV Cool 🌺♥️

      4. Makayla Mendoza 2.6

        I think cassie is going to have to choose between sam and axcil

      5. Milica Dimitrijevic ;]

        Idk,but I can't wait to see

    2. Nah moreno

      Total eclipse season 1 and 3 was the best

    3. mariah Journey


    4. Soaring With Skylar

      Sams face when Kassie and Axel kiss couldn’t be fake that’s real pain and sadness

    5. Mona w

      Who's back here after Total Eclipse ended? I'm still angry that sassie didn't end up together.

    6. Monica to my Rachel green

      did anyone notice the shirt sam was wearing when she hugged aunt bonnie was the same shirt TK wore in season 6 chicken girls episode 4 "unlucky"

    7. Maya Ebner

      Wait a minute it's the final season!!!

    8. Daisy Dot

      Im so sad this is the last one. This is my favorite show:(

    9. pop audios

      cassie's my fav character

    10. Bhakti Tunkiwala

      wait is this the last season😥😭😭😭😭😭

    11. BOBA BEAR

      I’m sorry final season nooooooooooooo

    12. Allison Maldonado

      I love this Show And We have Alots of seasons Pleasee i would Love that!

    13. lictxn

      “I join a gang” 😂

    14. Alexis Urrutia

      Finally season NOOO...I hope we get some characters back like Luca, and the vice principal

    15. Taylor Raye

      Who else misses Luka 😢

    16. Dahlia Orlando

      Why dose Johnny sound like he’s reading a book to kindergarteners 😂😂

    17. Vanessa Cruz

      No why is this ending!,,

    18. PARIS THE Gamer

      I also hope sam and Cassie get back together in this season ✨

    19. PARIS THE Gamer

      I really hope jenzie get back together. They were a great couple 💙✨😂

    20. Danna paola Mendez marquez

      I can't find the goddamn episode 2 of the season 5

    21. Jerina Mary

      omg iam sooooo exited

    22. Onalenna Makhubele

      Is this really the final season 😭😭😭

    23. Enora Aston

      when is is coming outtt

    24. Anisa Abdi

      Is this the final season🥺?

    25. Diya Vinodkumar

      Is there only 1 ep in season 5 now I want to know And if there is I want them to post ep 2 and etc

      1. Anika Bhatia

        episodes are every tuesday

    26. nirr

      Honestly besides sassie I want Spenser and jenna end up together fr :D

    27. Bashir Kabakubya

      Devenity looks ugly with black hair and I heard her cuss in insta

    28. PvpGodRyan

      Yes please do more episodes and seasons for total eclipse.Keep it going. Like if you agree.

      1. Secret Shadow

        PvpGodRyan there is going to be one in 16 minutes, go watch it

    29. Lia Nowix

      No no no no! Divinity and Nadia said in their interview things its the FINAL season Brat I’m sorry but no. It can’t be over 😭😭 I love this show and if chicken girls gets 7 seasons I don’t know why total eclipse can’t! This series at least keeps basically all of its cast throughout.

    30. ranjodh singh


    31. star moon

      If Cassie and and Sam don't show up or don't get together I am going to be sad and angery....... .

    32. Joana Estrada

      Why is this gonna be the last season this is the best show on brat😭😭especially because John and kenzie are there

    33. Jaejidowoo

      Kenzie and jhonny's relationship mushed in a show!

    34. Kousmita Guha

      I want it as fast as you'll can!!!!!!!!!

    35. Tania Mugisha

      Wen is season 5 coming i'm dyeing of suspense

    36. Kayla Labeaux

      Omg yayyy another seasonnnn

    37. Emma F13

      When does it premier

    38. Lovelyjade__ Vlogsss

      Did anyone notice when Nadia said “ In the Final Season” 😰😢

    39. Florence Zaw-thet

      Devenity said it’s the final seasonnnn! 😭😭😭😢

    40. cherrixpbt 111

      I can’t wait

    41. Maitreyee Ghosh

      Thank u soooooooo much for bringing back total eclipse

    42. Maliha Rahaman

      I hope that Jenna and Spencer will end up together

    43. shelby rose

      luca was my favorite character i miss him but we have axel instead 😐 luca and kate had so much potential

      1. The roblox apple

        Luca could've been there instead of Axel. The show would've been more interesting:/

    44. Andi G

      Soo exited for season 5 😁😁😁

    45. Ashley Zhu

      LAST SEASON??!!

    46. wijdan

      Who else hates Jenna the most for continuously leaving and ditching her REAL friends for some boy she saw in one second...the loyalty am i right! xD

    47. Faustina Dapaah

      I hope in the end Sam and Cassie (Mackenzie and Johnny ) get together both in real life and the movie too life if you agree

    48. Aphmau & Friend’s

      In.the.last.season. WHAT

    49. Håñå

      Ok uhmm why is jenna still *imagining* she's a superhero- i- this sucks i swear to God

    50. Sienna Fransman

      Aww is it the last season?

    51. Peyton Ngo

      Kenzie - "So many different relationships, and I hope you like what happen this season!" *Cassie ends up dating some different dude instead of of Sam* Me - Nope

    52. Ayumi Kume Abrahams

      I'm so confused is season 5 out yet??????????????

    53. Melody Davis

      10yr old me when my dad gave me 5 bucks : 2:08

    54. Hamst3r Gang

      I don’t like Kenziee

    55. Sakhi Shah

      When is season 5 coming up??

    56. IGotChu Gurll

      I’m gonna say it. Johnny Orlando is the new Shawn mendes. Face it, he even looks like him

    57. Layo Isaacs-Sodeye

      I'm kinda concerned about Morgan's new hair

    58. M vaz

      Waiiiiiiiittt why did nadia say "finale season" 3:02 ?????????????

    59. eric M

      wait it ending nooooo its too soon

    60. Johnny Orlando is my husband

      1:36 ooofff u see that look?

    61. jughead wuz here

      Anyone else noticed how Johnny’s voice deepened ever since the 4th season of total eclipse

    62. faith munar

      hey. let jenna and spencer get together. thanks

    63. Sophia Rivera

      I ship spencer and jenna sooo much.

    64. Lila S

      Bro if this is really the last season and no next one for a jenzie moment... imma sue

    65. shirley cooper

      when are you making total eclipse season 5


      Yaaass season 5 🤩

    67. Zieg Landos

      I literally can't wait!!! I love this show wayyy too much❤️❤️

    68. Madeleine Granath

      1:47 FINAL SEASON?!?! NO

    69. Khalani King

      I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im literally sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70. Jayanni Martin

      Bring back boss cheer

    71. Shanza Jehangir

      Who else can't wait for the new reason and Hope's this never ends?

    72. Jenny Li

      When is season 5

    73. Jordan Slater

      Nobody: Not even a single soul: *me rewatching this until season 5 actually comes out*

    74. Naveen Khariwal

      Omgggg when is it coming outttt??

    75. Hazel Bagtas

      Nadia: "in the final season" Me: 👁️👄👁️ wAiT wHa-

    76. Hermione Granger

      Finally i thought they legit forgot about Total Eclipse

    77. Sharmaine Ambrosio

      Yall better make Jenzie happen after all of this 😂

    78. Gianna Kayira


    79. naga akshaya

      Honestly the only reason i watched this was because of jenzie and i always felt the storyline could've been a lot better without the fantasy concept because the eps had more fantasy scenes than their actual life scenes

    80. Divya Kishore

      i want sam and cassie to get together

    81. Galaxy Cat

      But like are y'all forgetting my guy Luca like that?! Like what happened to him?!

    82. VivaLaBam916 *

      Omg I Luv Total Eclipse! ✌ Emily Skinner, Kenzie Zeigler, Lauren Orlando and Nadia Turner! * What More Could You Ask For? >< @LuvBratTv ^_¥

    83. T E ᗪ ᗪ Y ᗷ E ᗩ ᖇ

      Eeeeeeeek I’m so excited for season 5! I have been waiting since last yearrrrr! Eeeeekkkk!

    84. Alexa Quilla

      Omg I didn't expect you guys would make a season 5 IM SO EXITED

    85. JOSLYN

      What do you mean flashback it's not even out.

    86. Kristy Buchanan

      Sooooo season 6?

    87. bster gt

      When is season 5 I am excited 😁

    88. Janella Ting

      I’m sorry but can people move on from the jenzie or Isaak thing I’m sorry but it’s been a long time lol

    89. Jeyssel martinez

      EVERYONE was yelling when Kenzie and Jonny kissed

    90. Maya Anrita


    91. laurel walter4

      why does devenity look like danielle cohn in the interview i-

    92. Taylor Pshybyshefski

      Can’t wait for season 5, Who else?

    93. Taylor Pshybyshefski

      Can’t wait for season 5, who else?

    94. Claire And Delisse

      I hope jenzie is back for the saison 5 ❤️

    95. Anaya likee

      What day is it gonna come out or date

    96. Amelia Emms

      😢What its the last season :(

    97. Адриана Павлова

      I LOVE TOTAL ECLIPS! I am soo ready for the next season! ❤️

    98. Addison Dirkse

      I thought total eclipse was done because it had been so long since season 4

    99. Jemimah Gideon

      I’m really extremely for the new season

    100. Xx ItzMeghan xX

      so you’re telling me that chicken girls a 7th season but total eclipse (which is way better) gets only 5?? that’s what they do with all the good brat shows like agnj, dirt, hotel du loone, zoe valentine, and crown lake. ridiculous. also don’t give crappy tik tok “actors” a 2nd season. gabby is the only talented actor in attaway general and Dixie is moderate.