TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “Written In The Stars”

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    It’s summer time in Millwood, and Cassie and her friends are back facing new jobs, new hobbies and new romances while they prepare for whatever the future holds.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “Written In The Stars”

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    1. Brat TV

      what do you guys think is going to happen this season?

      1. Leah Scheafer

        𝚂𝚊𝚖+𝙲𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎 ❤️❤️❤️

      2. Rickcale Brown

        Have been here since season 1 episode 1

      3. Aleksia Johnson

        This season I think Axel’s going to get bad karma.😉😂

      4. Tianni Williamson


      5. Ali7979 maki

        I love your videos can you make more every day

    2. Landon Creech

      Watched the whole thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Trisha Singh

      10:27 🤣🤣

    4. Sugandha Chandna

      Morgon : I mean Me : uhuh Morgon : he’s cute and all Me : UR MAD he’s isn’t handsome

    5. Rythm A.

      Hey does anyone know where LUKA disappeared?

    6. Joanna Salwa

      Sam& casse


      Sam is really getting on my nerves Like if you agree 👇

      1. Aditi Bharatiya

        Yup same

    8. l l

      They should make a season 6 next year I have been bend watching total eqlips for three weeks

    9. Jophie,Savin Siper

      Omg I loved 2:14 to 2:41

    10. Fefe

      I'm so glad I came back to the channel I've been waiting for season 5❤

    11. Leah Scheafer

      𝚂𝚊𝚖 + 𝙲𝚊𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    12. MaryaPlayz Roblox

      I watched this since it was made

    13. Souhar

      Cassie kind of looked liked Morgan in the last season when Sam hang up on the facetime

    14. Ava Gaetana

      did anyone notice kenzie was wearing her “kenzie” necklace? Oops haha😂

      1. Aditi Bharatiya

        Oops lol

    15. Cassidy

      Bruh how am a 2 whole months late

    16. please stopp

      Diana is such a Capricorn ah! Finally a character who is a Capricorn!

    17. Leo Zhao

      Did anyone notice the show the girls was watching was hotel du loone

      1. Leo Zhao

        Bye then

      2. Leo Zhao


      3. Leo Zhao


      4. Leo Zhao

        Know one is repling

      5. Leo Zhao


    18. maryan shariif

      I really love this show

    19. Rofhiwa Msandiwa

      Who watched from S1-ep1 shocking

    20. Anna Rose

      I was here Form day one so yeah love Bart TV yet Still I am late on this Video I watched 2 3 4 all the way to 8 now 1 Iast

    21. Mia Bird

      Make more attaway genarel

    22. Dilip Kadam

      Does anyone else think that the character who played Portia in this season was their English teacher in first season?? 🤔🤔


      I like how most of the girls from dance moms are doing well and successful! they deserve it!

    24. Unathi sheilah Dube

      I feel like these people have a adentity crisis


      This is my first time watching this film

    26. Maegan Serrano

      Dude axel is so bad that he got kicked out his moms house?

    27. Maegan Serrano

      I don't like sam right now he's being really mean to cassie she was trying to be a good friend to kate.

    28. Sky Rose

      How does Kates video have no views but has comments?

    29. Ku'ulei Quintal

      the silliest thing at 6:24. She hung up the phone that was on speaker and puts it up to her ear after!!!!

    30. Zahra Salman

      Why is Sam being such a jerk

    31. Robotics With samaira and aahaan

      Really I wish Johnny and Kenzie were a thing they look awesome together

    32. Josephine Wanjiku

      Who else saw Cassie wearing a necklace written 'Kenzie'✋✋✋✋. But Sam's attitude this time around is a bit rude

    33. Maryam Shazna

      Is that Danielle Perkins's sister? Amazing.

    34. Mal Halsey


    35. Five subscribers before {Halloween} And I’m سارة

      Hey new challenge check 1: like 2: coming down your favorite emoji so I can dry it and sent it to your snap any of you guys or I’ll just tell you that I made your favorite emoji

    36. Teresa Graham

      Kenzie is beautiful and johnny is handsome the best couple

    37. Teresa Graham

      Love jenzie and Orlando's dont forget Zieglers

    38. Grace Sun

      haha, when Isaac came back after he got kicked out

    39. itz Mia

      So brat cathy is Jenna's grandma and junior is Jo's brother but who is Jenna's grandpa is it Allen?

    40. Hayley Musgrave

      How do they know Morgan??

    41. Estela Cedeno

      Wait do you guys know where the season 5 is for total eclipse?

    42. Ivan 60 fps


    43. amina

      Anyone notice how Cassie’s necklace says “Kenzie”? 7:49

    44. Harper White

      Plz tell me is this the last season

    45. Jay Johnson

      Cassie’s manager is so rude

    46. Girls Club

      Who else just loves Morgan💖

    47. Talya Elkhayat

      I love this

    48. Suzieplayz 6_6


    49. xxclxdygurl08 xx

      Sam and cassie need to get back together therenso cute together

    50. lovelyxxgaby


    51. Ashley's Vlog's

      Sam changed😢he became a jerk and not thinking that hes friends just want the best for him😢

    52. Laira Lemos


    53. Zidane Alefaio

      I have been waiting for this, for a long time

    54. Amaya Williams

      I just started the show I'm Addicted

    55. Layyah Docrat

      tell me whats there ship name cassie + sam = sassie or cassie + sam = cam wich ones better?

    56. Tianna Pinnock

      Everybody has iPhone 11promax

    57. Jackelyn Linares Lopez

      Hi I I would love to be in barf tv

    58. Isabela Munera

      How wants sassie to get back together like if you agree also why is Sam always holding grudges but sassie for life

    59. Georgia

      It must be awkward for Kenzie working with Isaak

    60. Malaki Johnson


    61. Júlia

      Era pra ter continuado na parte que paro oxih

    62. Aminath Ulya

      Kenzie just keeps getting prettier and prettier

    63. iAmCallista

      IT WOULD BE VERY AWKWARD if they filmed this while kenz and isaak just broke up like 1 moth ago! maybe isaak will be off the show?

    64. Giovanna Ruzziconi

      Subtitles in italian please

    65. Varya Kumar

      Does anyone notice how rude Sam is being? I mean like chill

    66. siqns pluto

      anyone else noticed that *Cassie* was wearing her *kenzie* necklace

    67. Chloe B

      WOAH. Putting Issac and kenz back together is a bold move lol. And yes I know they filmed this beforehand

    68. Brenna games

      I used to love Sam for the first 4 seasons, but now he is just a pain in the butt. But i still ship Cassie and Sam because i have no self-control

    69. Serenity Campbell

      Kate: he’s paying us in free drinks. Sam: Don’t spend it all in one place Me: bahahahahaha 🤣🤣 Kate: That’s actually not funny.😒 Me:😶

    70. Serenity Campbell

      I swear everything is 1983! Like if you watch any show and they say nineteen eighty anything, it’s 1983.

    71. Katherine WONG

      OK.. Sam you cool and all but.. LEAVE CASSIE . ALONE HER FAULT? SHES JUST HELPING YOU!

    72. Kokab Hussain


    73. dalayla marroquin

      "U don't get that by being nice, tough gets results". McKenzie "well that explains axel" me: thinks of when Mackenzie was dance moms " well that explains abby

    74. Lilia Is a sad betch

      This show deserves either an award or an amazing ending

    75. Katlin Chase

      It’s the acting for me ✨

    76. Nermin _Nermin

      I literally want to punch Sam in the face at 7:28 he was so RUDEEEE

    77. Shanna Lambert

      Ahhh when sam yelled at cassie I was like omg ur the one who kisses her!!!!!!!😠😤😤

    78. Niya's journey

      In fuller house issak cheats in real life issak cheats and in this issak cheats.

    79. Carolyn Rich

      I feel dumb. I watched season 5 episode 2 on accident first thinking it was the 1st episode lmao

    80. Isng

      i just noticed that Mackenzie (Cassie) has a necklace with Kenzie on. Doesn't she play Cassie in the series?

    81. noeli flores

      I love kenz ❤❤❤

    82. Paisley Yau

      Since when was Sam so annoying?

    83. Danielle Rolston

      Hey can Cassie and Sam get back together

    84. Video star edit of Brat tv characters

      Can you plz upload season 6 to plz

    85. 음표

      한국어는 없나요 ㅠㅜ


      And we thought Jenzie was back😭😔😔

    87. Ayden Mcnamara

      Who else sees they all have iPhone 11 lol comment if so

    88. Lindsay Amanda

      is it just me or cassie is wearing a neckless that says "kenzie"? hahahah

    89. Sunnybubbles

      Why didn’t they make episode 6)

    90. Nokutenda Muringami

      Great 😊

    91. Avi Grossman

      did any one else realize that "cassie" is wearing her kenzie necklace! crazy that no one noticed

    92. Naomi_Playz

      soo...why does that worker have to be....

    93. Teryn Bailey

      Sassie is sam and cassie’s ship name

    94. Pernike de Wit

      Lol they act so terrible but I still enjoy haha

    95. Queen Suleymah Pierre


    96. Bella Graceee

      I've been looking for season 5 forever

    97. Dillon Haggett

      So wait, wbu is it sunny for Kate but no one else? What have I forgot?

    98. Mlamuli Khanyile

      I've been watching it from season one

    99. Saraye StVil

      The phones tho😭😭

    100. Jozlynn Lambert

      I love how only Cassie is the only one that is eating the ice cream 🍨 sandwich with out the wrapper