TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Bloopers

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    Check out the funniest moments and fails from behind the scenes of Total Eclipse season 5!
    At Millwood High, Cassie and her friends band together to confront mean girls, boy drama, and their high school woes. But when reality becomes too much, they can always escape to their fantasy worlds.
    Brat makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, “Zoe Valentine” and more.
    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Bloopers

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    1. Salome Sadziwa

      F is the complement i give for fantastic

    2. Salome Sadziwa

      Iam glad no one caught corona u are all safe

    3. Amalia Athirah

      "I can never get that stupid line"lmao

    4. mica valerio

      Pls!!!🙏😭😭 A season 6 where Cassie and Sam would get together😭❤

    5. mica valerio

      I wish there would be a season 6😭😭😭

    6. Pippop Azzahra

      Ikan hiu makan tomat, I MISS THIS SO MUCH >.

    7. Tricia Pham

      everyone has to laugh at least once

    8. Sierra Panizara Thong-eakkaew

      I just watched Sam and cat yesterday and Emily skinner was in a scene, she was so small

    9. Mariam khalil

      Is it me or Isaac is cut out of the bloopers

      1. ryhd08

        He's a professional actor so he has a lot less bloopers

    10. Sarai Meza

      Yeah no I want a season 6

    11. Nevaeh St Claire

      It was nice watching Kenz and Lolo being like they used to. I miss Laurenzie 😢

    12. Chimene Wihardja

      I gonna miss Jenzie 😩

    13. Yass Queen

      Even if Total Eclipse is over I still ship Jenzie 😍 they are just so cute together

    14. Bailey Richards

      You should have Sam (Johnny Orlando) be Rhyme's (Annie LeBlanc) new love interest in Chicken Girls

    15. The roblox apple

      Chicken girls is overrated. It has songs and more seasons and a movie. Total eclipse is just as good. But the whole storyline of TE is messed up now. Like if you want a movie. With the same cast

    16. unicorn lover ice cream lover

      Am i the only one that wants axel an cassie to be together

    17. J Willie


    18. natalie smith

      First rhyme and time don’t get together in chicken girls and now Cassie and Sam don’t get together in total eclipse! Not accepting this.

    19. Fatimas World

      This show had the worst ending possible

    20. The Bek Rich


    21. The Bek Rich


    22. Ronavie Roy

      we want season 6! and Sassie should be back together pls!

    23. Aaron burr

      This season was ✨disappointing✨

    24. Anahita Kumari

      I don’t understand why people are saying that Brat messed up and they’re not happy etc etc because according to me I think Brat did an AMAZING job! They made Total Eclipse soooo interesting and fun it had an AMAZING storyline!! It was just the best! I’m only sad that it’s over but I’m excited for new series to come Brat you’re AMAZING! So keep on producing new series for us and making our quarantine a trillion times better. Ok now byeeeeeee

    25. Ash Walia

      plz come back 😢

    26. Ritika

      who else was laughing only at sam scenes? me 💀

    27. Itz_ MeAlex

      I'm so sad that this season was short😞😞 but I still loved it💕

    28. Amy Rose Sunil

      First chicken girls now thiss

    29. Small Frie

      I died when he couldnt move the chair

    30. Kayla Petrey

      If Cassie and Sam don’t end up together I’m going to LOOSE MY HEAD

    31. claudia ber

      Season 6??

    32. ᴥP E A C H Yᴥ


    33. Zehra Prud'Homme

      This makes me sad and happy at the same time

    34. Ashley Cupcakes124

      Johhny and Kenzie I want them to come back

    35. #FEEL THE BEATwith musiclyrics

      I'm really really gonna miss Total Eclipse 😢😢😢

    36. Serenity Kelly

      Is this the last season

    37. Fatima Sultan

      I am going to miss this 😭😭😭😭 2:24 this is adorable

    38. dream

      sam and diana rights!

    39. GlyterfirePlayz

      I already miss total eclipse 😭😭😭

    40. pranjallpahuja

      is it over forever or there will be a new season?

    41. Vera Obonyo

      I will miss this series and it was the best. I wish Total Eclipse had Season 6 and they would have done a crossover with Chicken Girls. We will miss Total Eclipse especially the cute couples together and it was so inspiring.

    42. Cyber Wolf


    43. Whitney Brown

      I'm late cause we had a hurrican and our internet was out

    44. mallery anne

      tbh season 5 was really not that great :|

    45. emily kusail

      They alwasy say blalalalaa

    46. Brit K's

      I dont know what to say soo please 👇👇

    47. itzpxtato •


    48. roblox hacks! enjoy

      Nobody: Me:having a mental break down bc cassie and same broke up

    49. what's up I'm Aliannah

      Pls season 6 pls ☹️☹️☹️

    50. Giselle Garcia

      I think This was filmed before they broke up and during it they probably broke up so Kenzie felt akward and they didn’t finish that’s probably why it ended the way it did

    51. Fay Alhail

      how saw the doll ofilia

    52. Jalyne Hernandez

      2:24 #LENZIEMOMENT

    53. Krisha Ganesh

      Who wants season 6 with cassie and sam togather!!!!! if yes, like this 😁 by the way, any A.R.M.Y's here????😉💜

    54. Siddhi Goswami

      I am gonna hell miss it like any thing !Who else want one more season...

    55. Mimi and Ive

      Season 6 pls!

    56. James Wells

      This Was A Great Video

    57. Whitney Thoms

      haaaaaaang on...... Is the girl who plays Jenna Ruby Rose Turners sister? cuz she look like it...

      1. Whitney Thoms

        omg she is!

    58. Vanessa _12Roses

      Why can't they continue making Seasons??

      1. Jerree XOXOXO

        It's Aparna he is one of the oldest

      2. Jerree XOXOXO

        Prob cuz John is almost 18~

    59. Luna Cichinda

      This was the only show i watch in brats im sad it ended 😔

    60. Daisy Dot

      i cant believe they’re making a season 7 for chicken girls and not a season 6 for this show. It’s much better than chicken girls is right now.

    61. Angelica Colon

      I’m ready for season 6

    62. Nanda Shirodkar

      #brat tv we really want a season 6 even if it is not a season at least make a short movie where sam and cassie end up being together plz

    63. Pashmina Burki

      Who else wants season 6

    64. Caitlyn Cho

      i can tell the cast loves tik tok 😁😂

    65. Riley Groan

      i only skip to johnny's parts

    66. Maira Aleena Mahmood

      I loveeeee this whole series but the end was so heartbreaking all of us really wanted Sam and Cassie to get together 🥺💙

    67. Storm Makers

      Only people who found brat because of jenzie and hannie can like❤️❤️❤️

    68. ちゃんこ

      they are so cute!

    69. Prachiti Mandwale .

      I Really ship kenzie Read More....... Who's More like Johnny Orlando?😘😘😍😍 And WHO ship kenzie✌👇👇:-)

      1. Prachiti Mandwale .

        @The roblox apple Well Yes she broke up with Johnny .

    70. Sakthipriya R

      And no kiss bloopers?

    71. joel mosoti

      Who else noticed that Isaac appeared only once

    72. Chelsea Ariella

      i'm soo sad i'm gonna miss TE 😭

    73. Donavan Johnson

      I enjoyed watching season 5 of total eclipse

    74. Shun Lae Lae Maung

      😭😭 the show is over. I'm gonna miss this 😭😭

      1. Shun Lae Lae Maung

        @Jerree XOXOXO I hope Season 6 would come.

      2. Jerree XOXOXO

        Why did they end it?!

    75. Therese Delos reyes


    76. Fallisdying

      this was soooooo funny

    77. Fallisdying

      but like in future there should definietly be a reunion season or movie or something like that and maybe get us all what we want sassie

    78. fun with Anamta

      I will miss this but when is attaway general coming

    79. virline honore

      i really want season 6 but it's over 🥺🥺

    80. samanvayi adamala

      The fact that good shows are ending is so sad.... I loved total eclipse since forever and the fact that brat TV is destroying the reputation of chicken girls by adding another season to a perfectly good ending of season 6 which shd have ended for good instead they are continuing it with below avg actors except Haley.... Very dissapointed in Brat TV.... Thnx for destroying the chicken girls s reputation...

      1. Jerree XOXOXO

        Chicks girls was amazing until hannie ended

    81. KC Reyes

      i love this cast!!!

    82. KeleciaaMali

      season six ... sam & cassie .

    83. charis

      im so sad that total eclipse is over 🥺😔 it was my fave show we didnt even get sassie like come on u made me watch 5 seasons and sassie didnt end up tgtr... we need another season!!!!

    84. Pink Glitter Korea

      Johnny orlando in the poster he is the hero of the series but in the show he's 2% shown come on

    85. marilu medina

      Im just like please be a season 6,7,8 ,9, and 10 or at least 9

    86. Lilbaby Tea

      Plz bring total eclipse back

    87. Nadha Shirin

      Who were here from season 1 ? And wants a season6? 👇

    88. Ava Simone

      the fact that sassie wasn’t endgame is so sad

    89. Lydia L

      bruh I'm sorry but brat is canceled if they are going to end total eclipse and make a wannabe chicken girls, it's just not the same anymore :/

    90. Divya Purohit

      I miss total eclipse 😭😭 Really it was such a good series I can't tell😍 I wish brat tv makes a new season of total eclipse....😆😆😆😆

    91. Gucci Taehyungshi


    92. Jasleen Kaur

      Season 5 didn’t even finish!!!

    93. Tamanna Punchouty

      Who is Marley like the guy who was bullied by dana but they became friends??

    94. Kassandra Cabalan

      Is this the last season im so sad

    95. Jocelyn Mejia Alfaro

      I’m literally so mad this was the worst season nothing really happened between Cassie and Sam 😡😡

    96. Brown Sugar

      They should make a new show with total eclipse and the og chicken girls cast

      1. Xena Geneva

        OMG YES

    97. Sasha Roxas

      season 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    98. Jasmine LO

      i think if we can boost the views of the show(like more than 5M in the last episode) brat might consider bringing the show back so im looping the last the last episode for the whole day😽😳

    99. Hina Tanveer

      early ayyyy

    100. Monami Mukherjee

      This video just reminded me how much I miss total eclipse 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭