TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 5: “Life Gives You Lemons”

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    Cassie sees a new side of Axel, while Jenna entertains an old possibility.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 5: “Life Gives You Lemons”

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    1. Adeline Jacinthe


    2. mxlky hxarts

      Morgan reminds me of Danielle Cohn

    3. jona avdullahu

      Hahah axel is wrely funny

    4. Jazzy hehe

      6:53 Morgan is drunk. Sorry it had to be said


      Wasn't Kate supposed to be the nice one y is she doing it to Cassie

    6. Roger Espanial


    7. Roger Espanial

      roses are red violets are blue I am a heather Wait.... i thought you were too.

    8. s'rai brown

      I think cassie is completely oblivious to the fact that axel likes her

    9. sisters by choice 4L

      She needs the job to pay for her audition and they are being toxic if you guys want her to quit SOO BAD pay for her 🙄

    10. Rahama Musa-Mamman

      Wait... In dirt didn't robin get arrested???

    11. Peyton Lyons

      WHY !?! is axle sooooo jealous 😂💯⁉️

    12. Presley Wieczorek

      i ship cassie and axle

    13. Osaiah Bascom

      soo we arent gonna talk about how the roach gang is almost every where

    14. Sanye Morgan


    15. Sanye Morgan


    16. Sanye Morgan

      That mean she is there friend she shouldn’t have to quit her job to be friends with them

    17. Isabelli Yume

      wait r they drunk?

    18. Mayar Kindness

      Can anyone talk about toosie slide song they took it and made their own

    19. Alexandra Hedwig Nelischer

      why are cassie's friends so horrible???????

    20. Adeline Hanson

      Sorry is Morgan drunk

    21. Grace Colla-Tariah

      Is it just me or when Cassie mentions James ,axel always gets annoyed

      1. Grace Colla-Tariah

        Sorry i meant jerry

    22. Lexi Kaylani

      i’ve been waiting for jenna and spencer to get together and it’s finally happeeenniinggg!!!!

    23. A. minor

      Juice How is juice going to help us in this situation

    24. A. minor

      Am I the only one Who thinks the outfits are like so cute

    25. Hannah Caridi

      Sam no 🥺

    26. Glader

      Am I the only who thought that Jerry was Brayden

    27. jarah layton

      why did cassie have to apologize? they were the ones who posted the video they brought it on them selves

    28. Ahashan Habib

      Cassie don’t listen to your “friends” they-are just jealous of your should go follow your dream if your dream is to dance you dance if it is sing you should sing

    29. Xj Chen

      Who’s watching in 2020 👇 👇 👇

      1. Xj Chen

        @Jazzy hehe so everybody!

      2. Jazzy hehe

        this was posted in 2020-

    30. Olivia Stevens

      1:57 morgan, jenna, and kate all just nodding their hands to one side 😂 i just noticed that when i watched the blooper vid


      wait are Kenzie and Isaak still together? if not, it MUST be awkward working with your ex lol!

    32. Aubery Simons

      Morgan always talks like she's high and it's starting to scare me she's fricken 17.

    33. Aubery Simons

      If Junior's is going through so much crap where's Astrid and Wes I mean Nellie

    34. Maegan Serrano

      Aiyana Sanchez is right like what the heck?!?!?!?! They choose to win a rivalry against the parlor over there friends dream. It be like telling Jenna to stop fashion designing if they want to be there friend also like morgan being a businesswoman or diana going to collage etc. Surprisingly My favorite friend to cassie is diana.

    35. ARMY Luvs1136

      am i the only one who sees kenzie and thinks of *i just wanna go home and eat chips* lol

    36. Zahra Salman

      Wait why should Cassie apologise Kate and Morgan should

    37. BMS Squaddd

      Y’all speaking about cassie’s hair don’t y’all see Morgan’s 😂😂🦋

    38. Robotics With samaira and aahaan

      Did anyone get spencers song staple slide is drakes tootsie slide nope just me

    39. samuella

      All y'all talking bout how toxic Cassie's friends are I was focusing on how spencer was obviously remixing toosie slide by drake

    40. Zaineb BaniYassin

      My face when Cassie stormed out leaving the ice cream👁👄👁🤔

    41. Taylor Loring

      And bruh she literally said i like you to in the previous season to spencer.

    42. Taylor Loring

      And here spencer thinks Jenna is into him and asking him out when she is using him for an article. These people are actually toxic😂

    43. Taylor Loring

      her friends are literally so selfish. All she wants is money so she can dance but all they care about is themselves

    44. Ayesha Faisal

      Cassie HAS NO CHOICE UGH FRIENDS more like enemies

    45. Straight Talk

      I am praying that Sam and Cassie end up together again

    46. Arsemma Tigistu

      5:48 someones jealous😀😉

    47. Akilaaryee A

      When they finished drinking all that juice I thought they were drunk

    48. Aleksia Johnson

      I really like how Axel is trying to be a better person, I have faith in him.🙂👍🏻

    49. itz Mia

      Omg brat connected junior from a girl named Jo and connected roach gang which is dirt and connected crown lake which is Nellie's dad woow brat 🙏👍

    50. laszlo alt


    51. Jise Perrz

      Im gonna cry if casey and sam dont be together but ima cry of dead cause im diying it dosent rhyme | | | BlablA

      1. SleepBabyPlays

        Jise Perrz it’s Cassie

    52. elle

      everyone is talking abt cassie's mean friends but spencer got his heart broken and I feel so bad!

    53. Ivy’s Stuff

      I was watching Fuller House today and I was like OMG AXEL IS IN IT WHAAAATA

    54. Diya Parthasarathy



      Everyone's like "when is Sam and Cassie gonna get back together??" Even though she apologized (like she didn't have to because she did the right thing), he refuses to except and continues to tell her and other people that she ruined his life when we all know that he's a good enough singer to build up to a point of fame on his own terms. I also think that the friendships she has with some of those girls are really toxic and she should leave them behind. This is all just really toxic lol.

    56. anu 2000

      I literally watched all the episodes in 1 day

    57. Fopefoluwa Esther Adebisi

      Brat pls make season 7 ep 2 of chicken girls I don't need to watch total eclipse

    58. amina

      okay but is Morgan drunk? 7:15

    59. Amazing-Grace Ojo

      The way they couldn’t use the song Tootsie slide-Drake coz of copyright and changed it to staple up high slide to the side. 🤣🤣🤣

    60. Brandon Marneweck

      This mustve been awkward for Makenzie and what's a name (no really I actually forgot his name plz tell me in comments lol) is his name jack idk

    61. Hargunpreet Kaur

      Hi Brat TV!


      " Its called the staple side " Spencer

    63. Anna’s music

      If you see dirt ROACH BADDDSDDD

    64. Abi Elias

      Cassie: I’ve got a partner Axel: Who? Cassie: Jerry. Axel: 💔

    65. Mofifoluwa Azeez

      no its right foot up left foot slide hehe

    66. CreativeDestruction Streaming

      I swear if they dont go to season 65 ima cry

    67. Gianna Prestigiacomo

      Kate is starting to get really sassy

    68. Pheeby Ngcongwane

      Wats in that green juice 🙄🙄


      I feel bad for actually starting to like axel

    70. Lamar Kobeissy

      "Life gives you lemons" is a vine

    71. •Raxella•


    72. Camilla Gafurova

      Kate and Morgan seem drunk from the green juice

    73. Abigayle Barrera

      Literally axel is the only one being nice to castle and that’s something I’ve never thought I’d say

    74. Autumn._. Molly

      And sounds like they’re drunk when they’re drinking those juices

    75. isabella cohen

      There the ones that started it Well why don’t you end it

    76. Jenan Waqar

      UGH! I know it’s a show, but cassies friends are really getting on my nerves. Like she needs the money for things, and real friends would understand that instead of being rude to Cassie.

    77. D’s World

      I swear if Cassie and Sam don’t get together-

    78. Maria Estrada

      They are so mean omg 😳

    79. Alonso Ocampo

      Morgan and Katie a being toxic like Cassie is being so nice

    80. Shikha Sharma

      Spencer is so good. If I get a boyfriend like him, then he will be mine forever.

    81. Shehreen Humayun

      Why are caddies friends acting so mean

    82. Kailyn Thomas

      Does anyone notice that Kenzie hair changed part of the episode her hair was blonde and brown and half or close to the end of the show her entire hair is brown 🤔

    83. Richie Welly

      OMG........ Morgan's glow up is lit 🥵

    84. Evi Nakale

      I will literally bite someone's ear off if Sam and Diane end up together.NO TURNING BACK

    85. Molly Jones

      Bruh when Lauren and dev told kenzie she needs to drop her job I screamed: Cassie just drop them ;)

    86. Maya

      morgan says shes so sick and tired of being dragged down by kate when shes the one dragging everyone else down

    87. Layyah Docrat

      cassie: did you ever imagine anything when u were a kid? axel: yes i was the axel maqueen me: STOP FLIRTIBNG WITH HER SHE IS WITH SAMMMM

    88. Georgia

      YAAAAAAAAY Saaaaage This will be great

    89. Breanna Wagar

      Spencer is constantly getting used by Jenna😭

    90. Robyn Goodman

      Jenna acts like a robot sometimes.

    91. Mxliaii !

      How is randy out of jail

    92. Queen Douglas

      no not axel 5:08 not dey dreaming

    93. Katail Green

      ughhhhhh why won't sam and cassie get back together already they literally have so much chemistry because they are seriously on my last nerve rn and where did brayden go? cause he had so much chemistry with diana and i'm surprised that everyone keeps breaking up with like the cutest boys SAM im talking to u also why TF is cassie working for pash or wat ever TF her name is im soooooo annoyed that cassie's friends are being sooooooo TOXIC it's like WHY DON'T U GET A BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND WHO HAS A GOOD PERSONALITY AND GOOD LOOKS AND KEEP HIM/HER I'M LITERALLY ABOUT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT

    94. Princess Aya

      Notice how in some scenes Kenzie has dark hair and in other she doesnt

    95. Aya Cheref

      Cassies hair was blonde in the beginning of the video and now it’s brown again 😅

    96. Leah Erskine

      Kate, Morgan and even Jenna r being so unreasonable. It was Kate and Morgans fault the video got up in the first place, and she needs money for her audition to do what she loves

    97. Aminath Ulya

      OMG JENZIE SHIPPERS.. I READ THE DESCRIPTION AND IT SAID.. “Cassie sees a new side of Axel” BAD NEWS!!!!!!

    98. FaithPlays

      Staple slide More like toosie slide oop If kenzie rewatches this itll be so awkward cuz she was working with isaak

    99. Mari


    100. ClaraRiandcika

      Love this series