TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 4: “Cold War”

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    Tensions run high between Junior’s and the Parlor, with Cassie’s stuck in the middle.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Rock Stars”

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of this episode? 👀

      1. Aleksia Johnson

        For this weeks episode, I can’t believe that Cassie and Kate are at war.😮💔

      2. Nia_roleplays

        Giselle Hawkes what

      3. Nia_roleplays

        davies T.V what

      4. Alice Luk Yick


      5. Katail Green

        really tik tok omg why is everyone so obsessed?

    2. mxlky hxarts

      Don't come at me..but.. I miss Jenzie..

    3. Sara Bjerke

      Does anyone else kinda not like Morgan in this season??

    4. Tajera Mitchell

      Wait a minute they just said tiktok isn't anyone surprised 🤯🤯🌐

    5. Rebecca Hogg

      I'm sure morgan was alwas like Dianna deep down .

    6. Ashysavage 354

      Am i the only one who doesn't understand this show anymore 😂

    7. Jophie, Savin and Siper

      I loved 3:26 because know were not cooped up in the classroom and not in summer school

    8. Elaine Sally

      Good my name is vianca

    9. Presley Wieczorek


    10. Zoe Fairbanks

      Who ships Marley and Diana? I DO!!

    11. sallypooh9

      Was this in 2020

    12. Souhar

      Omg!Morgan is like the most rudest and meanest person ever!😡😤

    13. Tashi Choden

      I hav a feeling that Diana is going to date sam

    14. Tashi Choden

      I ship Diana and her partner

    15. Tashi Choden

      2:37 so sams just gonna leave his phone there

    16. Josephine Mitchell

      Omg wow

    17. Nashla Gomez

      I love you🥰🤗

    18. maryan shariif

      Who thinks the stone that diana was having is Luca stone

    19. Aubery Simons

      Ok Morgan is starting to scare me

    20. Krycie Vlogs

      in 9:35 you can see that he didnt actually answer the phone.

    21. ARMY Luvs1136

      morgan looks like danielle cohn

    22. Zahra Salman

      Why do Kate and Morgan not understand that Cassie is mad

    23. Hailey

      did anyone see the heart tatoo on Cassie's arm

    24. Raynia Diba

      Morgan is my least fav character

    25. Hargunpreet Kaur

      Hi Brat TV!

    26. Abi Elias

      Does anyone else think Morgan makes so many big mistakes and never feels bad for them?

    27. Addie Rose

      Let’s be honest we all have that moment in our lives where we binge brat😏

    28. Maira Najah Shareef


    29. Bianca Marie Angela Gacoscos

      Me here waiting for Will to show up and act:>

    30. Lauren hh

      Great 😁👌❤❤💕🌹🎶😜🤞✌✌😉✌😎💖🐱‍🐉🐱‍🐉👏😢👏👏🎉🎉🎉👲👸👴👼👮‍♀️🧜‍♂️🎗🎃🎆O.OT_T^3^^3^:-S+_+

    31. ・Bubbly MSP・

      1:51 in the background why does it look like Malu Travejo is sitting there?😂

    32. Camilla Gafurova

      Excuse me juniors holds attaway,Millwood AND Crownlake it’ll never go down

    33. pretty girl

      NOW EMPTY😠(someone's mad🤣🥱

    34. pretty girl

      You did a sponsor video for the coffee shop(code for:your are dead😠)

    35. Rafael Andarde

      Omg hiiiiii

    36. isabella cohen

      This is not WAR you started it and it is not there fault

    37. butterfly asmr

      Does Cassie have a tattoo on her arm it was a heart



    39. Alonso Ocampo

      Did I hear wap or I am I crazy

    40. Reina Tokunaga

      Love it

    41. blue bird films

      Cassie is so over reacting

    42. Shehreen Humayun

      WE NEED SEASON SIX OF TOTAL ECLIPSE pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

    43. Helena Betru

      Why do I feel like when that parlors sis head was on the counter she looked like ms.dawson

    44. N. Aarna シ

      In season 5 but still misses Mr. Lane and his Thangs😔❤️

    45. Lyra Stagg

      Did anyone notice when Diana and Sam where on the phone they weren’t. 9:36

    46. Esther Ji

      i despise morgan. she’s so problematic

    47. Shubhra Singh Pathania

      Anyone else think the “war” is really stupid? No? Okay bye

    48. Aminath Ulya


    49. TheSasdon

      uuuggghhhhh I feel like I’m in school again

    50. Rihanna Burnett

      Don't they have like 20 something parlors

    51. henlo

      where the hell is jenna?!

    52. Shorty Lue

      My favorite show from brat is dirt and then eclipse

    53. henlo

      I don’t like the show but still watching cause i love the cast lol

    54. Breanna Wagar

      "Junior's will be lost to the sands of time" ~Mood

    55. Sqnxkriti _

      Morgan is being prettier

    56. Claire Duwel


    57. Jana Ibrahim

      I feel like Diana and her lab partner should get together their so cute 🥺

    58. Monquie King

      No. Case. Is. The. Real. 🌟. Of. Brat. For😘😘😁

    59. Karen starring veatrice

      Can't wait for season 6

    60. luvally

      Am I the only one who thinks Morgan looks like a hot Cheeto girl now

    61. Sophia's World

      Morgan needs to stop being rude 🙄

    62. Fun_ 321


    63. Yashvi P

      Did anyone else notice that Morgan's hair is different from the last episode's ending and this episode?

    64. H 'N' J

      wait does kenzie have a tattoo?!

    65. 20K Subs Without A Vid Challenge

      Ok but what is up with their friendship

    66. Bianca Cutone

      When is atteway general coming out

    67. Omar Guillory

      Almost every episode there’s more drama

    68. Quinlyn Sadler

      9:35 youre clearly not on the phone sam

    69. Emily M

      Bruh why was Cassie so dramatic

    70. Kylee Konieczki

      some people might not agree with this but i think it would be super cute if Sam and Diana got together lol..... I think...

    71. Brianna Cruz


    72. Brianna Cruz


    73. Emmanuella Asaije

      Is there a way to audition for a role in any of these shows?

    74. Leah Faust

      Who thinks they need to put Junior's in Crown Lake

    75. Video star edit of Brat tv characters

      Can you plz upload season 6 to

    76. Sophie Fang

      Lol I kinda think this whole thing is dumb lmao

    77. iwatch ytwhenimbored

      only people who were here when this show was named Totally Eclipsing can like! jk! it was never called that! hope i tricked you😂 have a nice day

    78. Imoni Ahmad

      honestly they need to change the name this show it doesn’t even show Cassie’s space fantasies

    79. Isabella Jacobson

      Why are there only 2 workers at The Parlor???

    80. Isabella Jacobson

      6:45 was he happy or sad?

    81. Manvi Varma

      Please can I use ur videos for my channel and I’ll tag u also......can I use ?

    82. Nevaeh Rodriguez

      Who else saw the description when it says “stuck in the middle” like Issac is stuck in the middle! (i know that was random)🤣

    83. Eve Batts

      My name is Eve 😍

    84. Jackie Crotts

      This is why my screen time number is 18 hrs

    85. Sesilia Terepo


    86. Dillon Haggett this show set in an alternative reality where CO-VID isn’t a thing?

    87. Devyaanix

      Can we talk about how Devenity (Morgan) is literally GLOWINGG this season?

    88. Riley Groan

      SAM BETTER END UP WITH DIANA but knowing brat obviously its gonna be sassie cus of clout 😭

    89. Sebby Ushe

      Loved it

    90. Emerentia May

      Morgan only cares about Bisness she's keeping herself big🙄

    91. Nancy Toma

      Only people who want Sam and Cassie by the end of this season can like>>

    92. Juana Birun

      anyone notice how the “Sharp Edges” have concerts in soooooo many places but it’s quarantine😅

    93. bithika borah

      If sam and diana is going to be together I am killing everyone

    94. Bea Acosta

      If morgan didn’t post that video then happy days

    95. Chinenye Ibeh

      I love Morgan so much

    96. Areej Fatima

      I dont know why even morgan and kate are mad at cassie??when they didn't ask for her permission for video posting And plzzz don't even think of putting sam and diana together🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    97. Annie Playz Roblox

      They said tik Tok at 7:50

    98. Breonilae IOANE-MASEIGA

      This episode is so amazing.

    99. Kevin!

      Yoo this episode is fire 🔥 🔥 Can’t wait for the next episode

    100. Simply Strawberry

      Morgan is sassy and starts drama