TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “Rocky Start”

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    Cassie gets an unwelcome coworker at the Parlor, while Sam and Diana butt heads in summer school.
    It’s summer time in Millwood and Cassie and her friends are embarking on new jobs, new hobbies, and new romances while they prepare for senior year and the rest of their lives. With knockout performances from Kenzie Ziegler, Emily Skinner, Isaak Presley and Johnny Orlando, the final season of Total Eclipse cannot be missed.
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    TOTAL ECLIPSE | Season 5 | Ep. 2: “Rocky Start”

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    1. Brat TV

      what did you think of this weeks episode?

      1. Brighty odia


      2. Kelly Urbano

        LOVED ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Anna Rose

        I think it was amazeing

      4. Aleksia Johnson

        This weeks episode is very interesting. I’m so excited to find out the character’s new interests and how they experience different things.😁🖤

      5. Cherry Blossom Goddess

        Fine 🙂 👌 👍 🙂

    2. atria djie

      SAGGGGGEEEEEE ROSEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    3. atria djie

      OMG, I swear Axel needs to back off Cassie, like, really.

    4. Jazzy hehe

      Spencer: Yeah didnt think so rockstar Captions: Yeah, Didn't think so, Axle

    5. Noor H

      Omg I love you guys you're the best I wish I could meet you one day come to Canada with you

    6. Hayden Phillippi

      You guys are the best in Total Eclipse

    7. Sunset Moon

      I like how Nia Soux is like ohh no stop

    8. Dakota Ghogah

      At first, i hated Axel but now... i kinda feel bad for him😔😢😭

    9. Presley Wieczorek

      ngl i ship cassie and axle

    10. Madeline Vance

      Where is Vice Principal Lane????

    11. My life with Jessie

      Axel is mean but his sister is way worst and poor Sam is mean to and axel hush

    12. Riffat Bibi

      i love how at 1:42 he Isaak says its ur birthday and the subtitles say ur okay!!!! lol if u say lol at things that aren't even funny like my comment

    13. Lethu Mthiyane

      3:52 Need an ice pack axel cause that burned

    14. Angie Diaz

      Did anyone notice that Cassie is wearing Kenzie’s necklace?🧐😂

    15. Domenica Pinedo

      day one of asking cassi and sam to be endgame

    16. Sxnny._. Vibes

      I like how axel says what’s he’s problem and how Cassie says u ur the problem 🤣😂🤣😅


      Axels not a bad guy :(

    18. It's Lari Mwa

      Sam every minute 😂 I could've been a famous Singer . Me: you are a freaking famous Singer

    19. Nessa Roblox

      Does McKenzie have a tattoo?


      k can we all agree that Morgan is such a mood!

    21. Aubery Simons

      Axel so likes Cassie. And for some very sick reason I'm starting to ship Diana and Sam. Is it just me or is Spencer and Jenna's "friendship" being recandled

    22. Sky Rose

      The acting is soooooooo bad.

    23. ARMY Luvs1136

      i still cant believe that will is on this and im not surprised jordan is on chicken girls

    24. ARMY Luvs1136

      WILL omg why does it feel so exciting when someone from your favorite react channel is on something else you like lol

    25. Arunima Shrestha

      Sam: When in life will I ever need to know the difference between two rocks? Me: *asks this to myself every science class*

    26. Zahra Salman

      Lol if I were doing summer school taught by a student i would be so annoyes

    27. Danika Arsenault

      anyone else notice she was wearing a kenzie necklace in the beginning?

    28. Aastha Karki


    29. melly joy

      Why would you scrap the nuts out!? That’s still enough to give him an allergic shock😂needs a completely new one

    30. Reva MEHTA [09U05]

      did anyone notice at 1.44 cassie was actually wearing her real name (kenzie) necklace?

    31. Taylor Loring

      “The apple doesnt fall far from the other apple” famous quotes by cassie

    32. Queen Naomi

      Morgan: ‘oh no kate stop. Come.’ Me: 😂 😂 😂


      Axel telling jokes to Cassie to lighten mood: :) ya know how icecream wishes you a happy birthday? Cassie being pressed: WE'RE NOT FRIENDS >:c Axel: ItS SHERBT DaY :D




      why is everyone giving isaac so much crap? One, he didn't cheat on Kenzie, two he is also going through the breakup that they mutually agreed on. People break up lol. And not just that, I love Kenzie too so don't get me wrong, but she moved on faster.

    35. alyssa


    36. Jannie Orlando Stories

      Jeana: randomly appears* Diana: JeAnAa! Sam: throws hands in the air* Jean: WhAtT...? Why is EvErYoNeE so surprised to see me..? Diana: where in the middle of class Jeana: yah...but its only summer school- Sam: thats what i’ve BeEnN SaYiNgG Me: 🧿 . 🧿

    37. Gracie R

      Why is Cassie wearing a Kenzie necklace?

    38. Lil Bear Gaming

      awesome showss

    39. Daddy Cloud

      Omg your like the best!

    40. Rashi Lakhani

      I kinda feel bad for Axel :/

    41. Meera Alsaedi

      You...your everybody’s problem 😂

    42. Mandy N

      Omg, who thinks that axel has a crush on Cassie, cause I do?!😊

    43. JJ Games

      Who started in the middle of the seasons then went back to episode 1, cause that is what I did

    44. Jonathan Colindres


    45. Kaashvi Khurana

      when she said "you are every-bodies problem" to Axel, lmao i knew it was comingg

    46. Shehreen Humayun

      SEASON SIX of TOTAL ECLIPSE pleasaaaaaaase

    47. Amaia Jimenez Vlogs

      Umm why am I finishing the series already and I started yesterday like huh?? I think I’m toooo addicted

    48. Sammy Faria

      I feel like they are being a little to mean to axel

    49. Illakkia Kumanan

      cassie is wearing a necklace that says kenzie

    50. Addie Swen

      Remember Brayden or whatever his name was I thought about him a second ago and I was like what happened to him

    51. Layyah Docrat

      Ok i went from thinking spencers nice to HATING him just coz sam doesnt know the answer doesnt mean you need to embarass. him in front of the class he probs dont know the answer to

    52. Georgia

      Omg Sage I can’t believe this Kenzies partner from Dancing with the stars YAaaay 😆😁

    53. Lisa FULCHER

      They couldn’t afford an actual adult to teach.

    54. Radio Mary

      The new guy is so cute

    55. Sqnxkriti _

      Axel trying to pull a joke while cassie be like " sorry I forgot to laugh"

    56. Fadak’s Roblox


    57. Kai Reed

      Will from FBE is in everything. He’s so multitalented

    58. Titoluwa Maxwell

      "It was mint to be" i died

    59. Maariya Ahmed

      So Emily skinner is a year older than Johnny Orlando 😂😂 wth I fought she was younger than him lol and wen they were recording phobias together

    60. Monquie King

      I. Don't know and. I don't care

    61. Karen starring veatrice

      Is there a season 6 I'm confused

    62. Serenity Campbell

      “It could also be extremely boring.” Hahahahaha🤣🤣🤣

    63. Serenity Campbell

      Axel: tells jokes Me:bahahahahaha Also me: Oh Wait! He’s the bad guy... Me again: BOOOO! Those jokes were stupid!! 😒🙄

    64. Gracie H

      Why do I feel bad for Axle after all he has done I still feel bad for him.

    65. Cerkla Kitty

      Is it Sage at 3min16 crom Dancing with the star junior

    66. Ellie Shechtman

      “WhO hAs bEeN hEre SinCe SeaSOn OnE” shut the hell up who would start in the middle of the season

    67. Lauren Cuskey

      this show is really confusing, i feel like there’s a lot of unexplained things that just went away like mr.lane, julian cassies friend, and kate’s job at vanilla and sage

    68. Lauren Cuskey


    69. Paisley Yau

      Since when was Sam so annoying?!

    70. Annehllyn Datoy

      Who still watching this 2020☺

    71. Video star edit of Brat tv characters

      Can you plz upload season6 to plz

    72. Bettina Limjoco

      My heart jumped when i saw sage

    73. Myah Solomon

      The way Divinity act like she cared and ate that ice cream was funny

    74. Subheya

      Really glad Kenzie’s partner from dancing with the stars joined the show. They’re great together!!

    75. Skater SS

      Binge watching !! So good, I’m addicted . BTW I need Sam and Cassie together , they are so cute together ❤️

    76. keisya azka

      It's funny that the intro is still about spaces and stuff! 😂

    77. Can I get 10 subs before 2022

      Is anyone going to talk about how beautiful Morgan is

    78. shibani wadhera

      can someone mention the day the episodes air?

    79. Mary Ella Griffin

      i thought the mint joke was funny ZS

    80. Anahita Kumari

      Was I the only one who understood what the smart guy was saying at 06:01 (I hope I’m not a nerd) 😩😩😰😰😬😬

    81. Stella Games

      who else dialed in the number that they showed on the commercial

    82. Mariam Hajji

      When Porsha was being mean to Axel I cried 😭

    83. Chinenye Ibeh

      That commercial was weird😟

    84. Naomi James

      As someone who is allergic to nuts, let me say that you can't just scrape off the nuts. They still were in contact with the ice cream, and therefore if he was to eat the ice cream, it would basically be the same as eating the nuts.

    85. Tausala Paolo

      Awesome plus drama

    86. Crazy girls 1

      What world are u from Africa

    87. Maria

      I’m really late but I’m Not being funny but isn’t that the guy next to Diana in summer school from TikTok who recreates the shows coz I swear that’s him 😭

    88. Jozlynn Lambert

      Sooty for the comments they were meant to be one ☝️

    89. Jozlynn Lambert

      Middle school

    90. Jozlynn Lambert

      This show is making me wish I was in high school 🏫 instead of

    91. Jozlynn Lambert

      Morgan with straight black hair loving it 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    92. Jozlynn Lambert

      Creepy that Commercial

    93. Sara Tasnim

      Can we all talk about how GORGEOUS Morgan looks in this episode? LIKE BRO- I AM IN AWESTRUCK

    94. fadeawaykai

      it’s so funny because kenzie and issak actually broke up

    95. Ky Griesbach

      Kinzie and Isaac dated and broke up In real life.

    96. Junine games

      Since how long is Sage here ??


      wow they up their acting game

    98. Bichok Doap

      RUDE!!!😟😟😟when Diana said witch place are you from

    99. Pam’s World

      Kenzie do be saying that to issac In real life “that we working together it does not mean that we are friends”

    100. Raluca Udrea

      Sam in that class is literally me in school everyday 😂