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    The cast of Chicken Girls puts their trivia knowledge to the test!
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
    Brat TV makes original shows with all of your favorite creators! Tune in every day at 3pm for full episodes of "Chicken Girls," "Total Eclipse,” “Crown Lake”, "Zoe Valentine" and more.

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    1. Damani Maxwell


    2. Annushreeya Khatri

      Hayley looks and sounds like annie

    3. K Shfbjbj

      Kheris gives me bad vibes

    4. Muhsenah Salhien

      ellie shouldve read it cuz she knows all the questions

    5. Zaffar Hassen

      I like this questions

    6. Elena Leaton

      I love this , you should do a part 2 for this video.



    8. grace Blomquist

      Good video it was awesome

    9. RbloxCrazy Girl

      Do a part 2 of trivia plz😁😁😁😁

    10. nia xox


    11. Rebecca Davis

      It was not far because elleana did the same this with the boys and the questions were almost the same like if you agree

    12. Maryam Alzeyoudi

      But today is the new episode what didn’t come

    13. Aniyah Steele

      Chicken girls need to be on netflix

      1. danielaaa

        Mmm i don’t think so

    14. Aniyah Steele

      Hayley looks like Annie, Caleb rip ,their mom and dad mixed all together

    15. Alex Fried

      You can only like if you have been here since season one!

    16. Baby._.adds6 6

      Who else laughed so hard when you heard that smack 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    17. Archita Pant


    18. Archita Pant

      ik ans to alll!!!!!1

    19. Sabrina Maricic


    20. Cathy Barton

      I just don’t care for Ellie

    21. Alicia Jackson

      video fans love you


      algun mexicano por aqui

    23. Sagarika Balaji

      Y'all they dress wayyy to old for their ages their literally 11

      1. Teagan McMillan

        Expect Hayley

    24. Victory charles

      How do I answer faster than this peeps

    25. Esther Obazee

      0:024 it was keris 100%

    26. Pranaya Mahajan

      Hey brat I actually have bit of an idea for a second season of brobot. If you want any ideas tell me in the comments.

    27. A H

      What is posting so much about the new cast of chicken girls you can see how much they want to promote its cause a lot of people miss the old cast and don’t want to watch it

      1. Teagan McMillan

        A lot of people are hating. And it's unfair

    28. CuriousKim :3

      4:52 Lmao!

    29. retro panda plays

      Knew them all

    30. Alison Ciolek

      Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    31. Leyah Thomas

      she did that.

    32. rebecca wilson

      Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    33. Ralynn Juarez

      when luna walked in after quinn she looked like autum

    34. Tashi norbhu

      Omg I got all correct b4 the competitors

    35. Heloisa Rocha

      I'm Alone 😍😥

    36. Taz Sunzu

      I feel like if there would have been a cousin for robby i would be perfect

    37. Shauney Manning

      Can you do 1 of season 4

      1. Shauney Manning

        I meant can you do one of season 2

    38. madness_playz

      Dude elliana all ready did these questions with the boys so that is not fair

    39. Isabella Dutto

      Claim your “Here before a million views “ ticket here

    40. Sanvi Srinath

      The first one Kheris DEFINITELY won

    41. 3.5k Subs Without Videos

      “Only one person who likes this will one day be a billionaire” “Good Luck” .🍀.

    42. Moza Al-Maadeed

      sky is so cute I love her hair

    43. Reema Sakpal

      brat clearly has a favourite show 😂

    44. Hi Hi

      Why aren’t actual episodes comin out?

    45. Ifa89

      I love you 💛

    46. Mia Rahming

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    47. Velvet Bow


      1. Velvet Bow

        ok annie’s voice was a little higher lol

    48. rabia ali

    49. rabia ali

      What about txunamy

    50. Laurienne Nsekonziza

      I was dying of laughter when Eliana slapped skylar in the face time whil sky was trying to give her a high five 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Alison Ciolek

      I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

    52. ET Crafter

      When will season 7 of chicken girls be on tubi????? I need it to know hahaha

    53. Aaliyah Hernandez

      What happened to Zoe valentine or a girl named jo

    54. Saanvi Konuru

      Does nobody miss the og members and did y'all forget them so quickly?

      1. Demia Thomas

        I miss the OG’s I think they should’ve kept the OG’s and made Hayley a main character

      2. Teagan McMillan


    55. rebecca wilson

      Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    56. Jeanty Jean Pierre

      Flash: Woah doug i did not realize How Short you are Ace i did not realize how lame you are

    57. Chamo


    58. Nirzala Maharjan

      Why Coco isnt there

    59. Brooklyn and Diana’s Treehouse

      Who is here because of TikTok

    60. Archita Pant

      Just a question why always haley, ellie, kheris and skyler...... do the other cast as well........

      1. Archita Pant

        @Teagan McMillan OH! All right

      2. Teagan McMillan

        Because they are the. Main characters

    61. Namnama Manglicmot

      Hailey is the only one who dresses her age

    62. Brooke Hunter

      Skyler: Good job Ellie. Elliana: *slaps Skyler in the face. Me: lmao

    63. shore edits

      list of boys that rhyme has dated: tim tk drake ezra wes tell me if i missed anyone 😭

    64. Heloisa Rocha

      OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    65. AIJ Clipz

      Omg I just wanna watch the show

    66. Makaila Chenier

      i love how i got all of them right away and they didn’t know some of them right away

    67. Haylie Cote

      I got them almost all

    68. Stephanie

      Eliana just thinks she’s so pretty. Like why do u sit like that?🥱🤔🤨

    69. Josephine

      Harmony and rhyme were so small in the last scene 😂❤

    70. Cine Manu

      Esse é o comentário brasileiro que você tava procurando

    71. Mia Rahming

      I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥

    72. Tee Adeoye

      My heart when rhyme was like "thanks Henry my mom got them for me, it was buy one get one free" she sounded so small and cute 😍💝

    73. Charlee Kelly

      U should have got them to grab the cup

    74. Helen Joy

      I miss the old casting member o chicken girls

    75. kaylynne evangelista

      4:52 o-

    76. Angelina Nguyen

      Ellie really be acting like she doesn’t know the questions-

      1. Zepeda Jenifer


      2. ッ ɴᴀɴ ᴋ ッ

        the other one could have been filmed 2nd...

      3. Summer Sparkle

        I mean like she is n actress... Ok nvm that was corny

      4. Alexia Keenan

        ikr she answered them yesterday

    77. Alison Ciolek

      I'm Single 😍😥

    78. Emma Tacchino

      who else misses the og cast? v

    79. Giovana Playz

      One thing the girl that was right next too hailey didn’t say anything for the round that she said she said was it D

    80. Emilia Lopez

      It's funny how since Hayley has been on Chicken Girls from the start, she's always the one to give out information and act like the leader. Note: This is in a really good way

    81. Jemila Abubeker

      Wait old up, didn't elliana did this with the boys? Am confused bc I thought she did.

    82. Ashlee Mendoza

      When is Season 7 Epi. 5 !!! I love this btw!!

    83. rebecca wilson

      Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

      1. Ahnya Christieson

        rebecca wilson Your future boyfriend’s name will be Tate. (I have a cousin named Tate. 🤭)

    84. Tiffany Two

      Who has been here since elliana felt *defeated* ? (dance moms)

    85. Jasmine

      Y’all it’s Elliana not ellieana

    86. Naomy Alsaleh

      I literally got them all correct


      I’m not hating on y’all in this comment, but I feel like y’all are only promoting Hayley Elliana Enzo Kheris Skyler Aidan and Liam rn and it’s not fair to the other Brat stars. No offense, but I just felt like I needed to point this out since it’s literally unfair to everyone else on Brat (ppl are probably gonna attack me for this and say smth like “ThEy DiD tHaT WiTh AnNiE hAyDeN bRoOkE kEnZiE jOhHnY aNd LaUrEn” but idc, I personally prefer the OG cast [not that I have anything SUPER personal against the new cast cuz I don’t have anything SUPER personal against them especially not Hayley {she’s probably 1 of the only people I like in the new cast tbh}] and I won’t listen to anyone who attacks me for this comment. I am just stating my opinion lmao)

      1. Teagan McMillan

        So they done this with Annie as well it's nice too see Hayley get the spotlight

    88. Chantel Nichols

      I miss them soo much it’s just different with them on it😭

    89. Ruby Yorkshire

      Elliana is the sitting queen

    90. Ava Iraji


    91. Anne Kyomugisha

      Miss the old cast!!😔😔

    92. Nyefento Darlene Braimah

      Whoa who saw Kheris role her eyes to the back of the head @3:42 lol

    93. Heloisa Rocha

      Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    94. V Kook

      First question goes to chris

      1. V Kook


    95. Jasmine 123

      When did they film this bcz otherwise elliana would know all the answer they already asked these questions

    96. Alexandra Johnson

      I’m so confused when they say Ellie because I can’t tell if it’s Elli walmsley or Brookes character in the show

    97. AJ - 07MP 754916 Beatty Fleming Sr PS

      I got them all correct! P.S I didn't cheat

    98. Serena Burke

      Is anyone 2 or 3 hours late cuz i am......

    99. Madison Pitts

      Is chicken girls season 7 done

    100. Chara Paidaraki

      ATTAWAY GENERAL please